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    999500D2-84AB-404B-8DCF-7DD205CADB74.jpeg 670E4012-09AC-4DA1-82E4-5F1EBA728125.jpeg AF19D6EC-6D73-4E13-B5C7-389B43DE7E3C.png 42998BD7-19A6-4383-8CA3-2D4ADF7D4EAD.jpeg 771D1828-050D-4B77-9D53-31D0BB6C49B0.jpeg I wasn’t going to do this but I could use some help and support to get the most out of this cycle. This is my first log ever and kinda wanted to log using 1- Test Cyp for the first time. Truth is I have kinda been slacking the last couple of months with my diet and workouts. I’ve always been a small dude, skinny fat with bad genetics! I still have the same waist size as when I was a teenager. I am hard gainer though I’ve never really tried to gain because I spent most of my 20’s and 30’s partying, going through loss of family members and bad relationships.

    Also I’ve been Vegan for the last 7 years and now I’m back to being vegetarian. Which brings me to the fact that I’ve only been lifting for about 5 years. Fuck it wasn’t the easy making vegan gains. In the B.B. world I probably wasted a lot of time and money and probably could have gotten where I am naturally with hard work and a omnivorous diet. Well the past is the past. I’m trying stay in the present moment with this log.

    Hopefully I don’t get to much negative feedback about the way I look and my vegetarian diet.

    Current stats: 45.5 years old @ 5’10” - 187lbs
    I’m currently eating about 3200 cals but every bit of fat goes to my stomach and lower back.
    Goal is to recomp or do a really clean bulk. I want too get bigger but lose BF %. I need to up my cardio game a lot and do more ab work that’s for sure. Maybe I smoke to much weed!

    The Blast - 14 weeks all Gear is from SP!

    Test E @ 150mg - M - F
    Test 1 @ 125mg - M - W - S
    NPP @ 90mg - M - W - F
    tren A @ 50mg - M - W - F - S
    Mast E @ 200mg - M - F
    Hgh/ Meditropes @ 2.5iu to 4iu

    The NPP is low dosed for joint support. It won’t go any higher. I only plan on running the Tren for 6-8 weeks. At that point the DHB and Mast E will be going full throddle. I’ll probably raise there dosages to 500mg for DHB and 600mg for the Mast E, but still keep Test E @ 300mg. Does this sound like a good recomp stack.

    I started on Monday so I am two blast in so far. Lol, there are nice blends loaded in the syringes to hopefully help with the PIP. The Monday shot with the DHB went really smooth using left vent glute. Today’s shot right vent glute was bad at first some pretty bad pip right away and lasted about 5 hours then kinda faded. Will see tomorrow?

    What else pics? Fuck kinda regretting this for numerous reasons not just my tattoos.
    I will list my diet and workout tomorrow.
    Lol, please remember I’m going on “50” :oops:

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  2. Well, someone's been working out. :D Had no idea you were older than me. Anyway, looking good, brother.

    1TC has always intrigued me. Consider me along for the ride on this one.
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    Thanks a lot man, I appreciate the support!
    Yeah man I guess I’m getting up there. I wish I still had young knees mine be hurting! :( Your witty humor and mostly positive vibes (JK) are always welcome in this thread.
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    shit bro you’re 45 o_O don’t look so bad for an old dude lmao an ex vegan. just messing. subbed for this log and good luck.
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  5. A little hard on yourself there ain’t ya? I think you look great (no You certainly don’t look no 45, I’ll tell ya that. You got abs! Quads are all veiny, back looks well developed. Dawg, is this like looking for reverse psychology attention? LOL.

    But seriously, you look nothing like how you described yourself. You look impressive.
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    TBH I think you look solid for being on a vegan diet....! So, good work.

    Curious to hear how DHB works for you, I've never used it.
  7. Agree your being too hard on yourself. You definitely look in good shape. Especially for your age and lifestyle choices. I’m curious as well to see how DHB works out with you and also as to what your daily diet looks like on training days being a vegan and all and how it’s structure around your training.

    Look forward to following this.
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    You are part of the club and there are more gains for you!

    Bet being a vegan/vegetarian has to be rough but you done quite well.
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    I truly appreciate everybody’s kind words.
    I’m just a little sub conscious right now and this is going to be a challenge to myself to make this transformation. Having all you knowledgeable cool dudes around is bonus!

    I will try to list my diet later today. I’m getting ready to pound a egg white smoothie with hemp protein, oats, frozen watermelon blueberries, and flax seed oil. I’ll list cals and macros later.

    Thursday’s are an off day for the program I am runnIng. I’m still using the same the Layne Norton PHAT program. But I’m open to suggestions. @Wunderpus There really are not very many logs here at meso including DHB, so it might be helpful to others in the future.

    What do you guys think about the stack and the dosages?
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    I would recommend ANYONE to check out one of John Meadows programs... Hard to use anyone else's after using his. About as close as you'll get to actually having a coach.
  11. I like the stack and dosages honestly. But why not run the mast at 600 the whole blast instead of increasing halfway through? And I can’t soeak on DHB dosage I have no experience about it. Most guys I see run it though fall in the 4-700mg/wk and speak about good thermogenic properties, in similarity to tren, with sweating and insomnia at night and good strength gains without crushing appetite. So to me seems like tren’s little brother haha.
  12. X2

    His programs are awesome. Just like your doing right now @Morefyah i ran the PHAT program as well since last October up to 3 weeks ago and switched to Meadows new program Gamma Bomb and its awesome. The way he structures each week and workout in progression to the last and all the coaching points and tips along the way are well worth it.
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    Cool man thanks @Wunderpus, I just breezed thru the mountain dog program. Very interesting stuff. The pre pump method is definitely unique. I didn’t see any sort of actual exercises list to perform. Do you just choose your own? I like the idea but three days is a lot. I guess you need them if your “Destroying” the muscle. I need to do more research. Which is perfect because I have all weekend to decide on a new program.
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    I’m just trying to keep everything as low a possible in the first few weeks to make sure everything plays nice together. I have enough Mast to run it as high as I want. If side effects are not to bad at week 4 Then I’ll up the dosages a little. I’ll raise the Tren to 250mg the DHB to 500mg and the Mast to 600mg. Oh, the DHB definitely going to be a challenge. First off it’s all crashed, Which really doesn’t surprise me. It needs to be thoroughly heated with each use. I’m still feeling the PIP Mondays shot and yesterdays shot burned for a few hours as well. It’s by no means debilitating or painful enough to effect workouts yet. I just have to make sure to only inject it in my glutes and proceed with caution.
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    You look great!! Especially for being on a vegan diet for so long.

    You have an interesting approach to your stack. I'm curious to see how well it works out for you.

    Personally I love tren and not that great of a lover of mast. But I don't get sides with tren so I can run it pretty high if I want to. Tren has always been my best recomp compound
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    Here are his programs for sale: Programs Archives - Mountain Dog Diet

    I would recommend The Taskmaster, Creeping Death or Gamma Bomb.
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    I like tren too but every time I use it, its like clockwork some sort of personal issues pop up in my life. This is my third attempt at Tren and I’m taking it slow. My last Tren blast I started way to high with a blend and was going through a breakup. What a mind fuck!! lol I smashed my last two vials in my back yard. Yes brother this is an unconventional stack. Weeks 4-8 when should be the most interesting when everything is in full effect together. Will see man? Thanks for the kind positive comments!
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  18. I had that issue too with my NPP. To be honest I used my coffee maker haha. Turned it on and set the vial on there. Gave it a shake every minute or so. Worked like a charm. Make sure if it’s a new vial to poke a hole with syringe to bleed out the pressure when it heats up or else uhhh... yeah things tend to burst with built up pressure hahaha don’t learn the hard way
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  19. Is taskmaster his high volume program that pretty much hits some muscle groups up to 3x a week or am I getting it confused with a different program..??
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    Yeah I forgot to poke a hole the first vile and luckily didn’t have any issues. With my first pin I heated all the oils that were going in the syringe. My second pin I only heated the DHB, and the pip was worst. So next DHB pin on Sat, I’ll heat all the oils again.
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