Mountain Dog Band Pack

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by TideGear, Sep 12, 2018.

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  2. Occasionally elitefts has band sales. Just keep an eye on their site. It will usually be listed towards the top of their home page.
  3. TideGear

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    Do you know if the packs go on sale?
  4. That specific pack I cant say with any certainty. I could be wrong, but I believe their bands sales include their package bundles as well. I picked up a pack from them on sale before.
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    I saw it for ~65 around a month ago. Shipping is expensive and slow too... I just ordered bands separately and it was like 12 bucks to ship 6 bands.
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    I got that pack for about $55 bucks and free shipping over memorial day weeke nd
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    They go on sale. I've purchased 2 of them at different times on sale. You just have to keep checking the website. They may have a 40% off all bands sale that lasts just a couple days.

    I've gotten quite a bit of stuff from there, I just see what I want and keep checking and it always ends up on sale.

    Labor day is coming soon too if you can hold out for a couple weeks. Good chance they'll have alot of stuff on sale for that.
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    Labor day is in a few weeks????????
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