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Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Wunderpus, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Anyone trying the new John Meadows Mountaindog 2.0 :The Gauntlet training?
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  2. kap73

    kap73 Member

    Do you have a link?
  3. Wunderpus

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  4. kap73

    kap73 Member

    Thank you
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  5. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    Lemme know if you decide to grab it
  6. kap73

    kap73 Member

    Will do bro
  7. SeriousLifter

    SeriousLifter Junior Member

    Me, If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  8. Gymjunkie70

    Gymjunkie70 Member Supporter

    That shit cost 250 dollars,Is that right?
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  9. Xlgx

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    I purchased meadows ebook. It mentions you get one month access to his website and 40 different workout templates. Does anyone know how to find/access these workout templates?
    I emailed the contact person over two weeks ago and still no response. Thought maybe someone here would know.
  10. Dyegb31

    Dyegb31 Member

    Are these workouts worth the money?
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  11. Xlgx

    Xlgx Member

    Would tell you if I could get my hands on them lol
  12. Absolutely worth it, yes.
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  13. Dyegb31

    Dyegb31 Member

    @weighted chinup what one would you reccomend the most then for size?! I heard creeping death is fucking brutal
  14. Thenewera

    Thenewera Member Supporter

    I want some more meadows programs :mad:
  15. Definitely get the Mountaindog 2.0 programs because of the higher frequency used. Gauntlet or Sentinel would be my suggestion.
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  16. no_name

    no_name Member

    I have been looking into his programs but I just can't find out enough info on them.

    About how long per day training does it take you, for Gauntlet or Sentinal.

    How is the program prepared, can you send the workout to your phone or are you stuck writing everything in a pad and bringing it to the gym. I cant remember shit when there's a hotty squatting next to me.
  17. Training time varies depending on your own tempo or your training partners, and obviously some days are much shorter than others especially on a high frequency program. The longer sessions can take 1.5 hours and that's usually including ab / calve work assuming you keep a good pace (just long enough to catch your breath or your training partner to finish their set).

    And yes, it's a PDF so you can absolutely view them on your phone. That's what I do, bring my phone with me and check it whenever we need to see whats up next.
  18. no_name

    no_name Member

    Thanks, sounds good. I just wanted to make sure it wasnt 2-3 hour sessions. Aint nobody got time for that.
  19. Sullinatah

    Sullinatah Junior Member

    Anyone have Carnage Program? I have a couple and would trade for that
  20. ddp7

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    sorry to the off topic but poliquin is a disciple of meadows?