Mr.Roberts I need your input please

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  1. Reinheart

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    I am very interested in your 2 on 2/4 off cycles since I hate long pct's and protracted recoveries.

    The compounds I mostly look at are tren Ace, Test Suspension or Test Prop, Anadrol, Anavar and Dianabol.

    1) In an oral only cycle should I run 50-100mgs Anadrol or 50mgs Dianabol per day along with 50mgs Anavar or would you change something in the dosage plan?

    2) If I am going to do three cycles consisting of 2 weeks on 2 weeks off should I change the compounds every time?

    3) Do you recommend bridging with low dose anavar and dianabol while on the pct phase if the cycle was oral only? (Assuming liver protection supplements are taken (Liv52DS, TUDCA)).

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sworder

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    I am not speaking for Bill Roberts but I do know he recommends at least 1000 mg/week of total steroid use for the 2 weekers. I don't think orals will be strong enough to be the sole steroid for your goal, whatever it may be.

    He has a lot of articles about the 2 week cycles, also some threads speak of it. Do some searches as well.

    Let's hope Bill has time to chime in.
  3. TheGuy85

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    Test Suspension 90-100mg ED + tren Ace 50-75 ED+ Anadrol 100mg ED. I've ran 2 weekers and I would front load 300mg of Test Prop on day 1 + 150-200mg of tren ace and then use 50-100mg of suspension on days I would workout. I later added orals and found that they make a hell of a difference for such a short cycle to work and anadrol IMO is the best option since it kicks in shockingly fast. And if your running test prop and tren ace you should drop the prop on day 10 and tren ace on day 11 and run the oral until day 14. If your running suspension you can take it alone during days 11-14. I started just running suspension ed with no prop as it still seems like prop takes to long to kick in even with the front load.

    You could try bridging with Anavar at low doses in between the two weekers and I would be interested to see bloodwork. Just be sure to take a decent amount of time off (with pct) after you run about 3 cycles of 2 on 2 off. The short cycles work only if you run high dosages from my experience.
  4. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Use of an AAS, including "low dose anavar and dianabol," will suppress the HPTA. IMO, the concept of bridging makes little to no sense.
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  5. TheGuy85

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    I would not suggest oral only cycles especially when trying to bridge with an oral. I would be mindful how long your running orals since you plan on running them together and I wouldn't attempt to bridge with Dbol at all. After your 3 cycles of 2 on 2 off you need to properly come off ALL AAS and run a proper pct.
  6. TheGuy85

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    OP, there is no such thing as pct and bridging, your either bridging or running pct. People who have tried bridging with very low doses of Anavar did not notice significant recovery during the bridging period. I believe bill went on to say that it seems like when the hpta is already suppressed recovery is much slower even when taking a low dose of anavar, though TT levels did increase very slowly. I believe the OP wants to maintain his gains in between his 2 week cycles which could also be done with hcg, which would also act as a bridge and not PCT.
  7. Michael Scally MD

    Michael Scally MD Doctor of Medicine

    Since even with the use of hCG the HPTA remains suppressed, what is the purpose? As I said, bridging makes no sense.
  8. Reinheart

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    I thank you all for your responses. I know one can't fully recover while on a bridge but I had to ask since Mr.Roberts originaly posted it like this.
  9. TheGuy85

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    Look on other forums, t-nation in particular and search for 2 weeks or short cycles or Bill Roberts. Look for the newer posted material.

    Here is a link to a thread he was posting on.

    2 weekers can work, but don't expect a miracle. A lot of people hate the idea. I believe the use of TNE or test suspension with tren ace and a strong oral like Anadrol would really make it worth your time. The 2 weeks off I noticed some loss but not much. Now after I ran 3 or 4 2 weekers back to back, and took the longer period off, I noticed severe loss off gains. I believe that is the point where pct that incorporates hcg would be very beneficial and would help maintain gains.

    I am actually running anadrol right now and it is by far the strongest and quickest acting steroid I have used.
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  10. Reinheart

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    I see. I love Anadrol as well but have no previous experience with tren. If there is loss within the 2 weeks off and if I need a longer pct after 3 cycles like that then I think I am just going to stick to 8-10 week cycles with a longer acting testosterone and Dr.Scally's power pct program.

    Test E and Drol is my favorite combination. Talk about explosive results!

    I again thank you all for your precious info and you time!
  11. TheGuy85

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    The added time off is for guaranteed recovery and that is when I get bloodwork. But it is not set in stone. Bill said himself that he was doing 2 on 1 off at some points, primarily because his levels returned to baseline within a week (I am assuming this was the reason). He did recommend running hcg at some point if you were going to run several 2 week cycles taking only short periods off. The added recovery time is more precaution than anything. What if your test prop ended up being test e or something and you never took time off to get bloodwork, could have you all fucked up. The added time off is just precaution.

    BIGMESC Member

    I think the idea may have merit if you were in a position where you could not stay on for extended periods of time.
    I do not think the possible increase of risk to benefit ratio is enough otherwise.

    Also it sounds a lot like the pull out method of birth control. :p

    If you are concerned about restart run medium strength/length cycles 8 weeks or less with short esters and hit a hard pct.