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    My first cycle was 20mgs d-bol, 240mgs Restandol and 50mgs Proviron for 6 weeks. I gained 27lbs of which i kept about 20. Skip forward a few months, I am on my second cycle with 500mgs test e and 30mgs d-bol (which probably was fake naposim).

    I did gain good on this one too.

    Well, as we figured on another thread, i am a good responder to Dianabol and make amazing gains even with low dosages.

    Now i want to start my third cycle and i came up with this idea:

    Since Dianabol is only a weak agonist of the androgen receptor, with poor binding can I do d-bol only cycles in between injectable cycles (with proper pct and time off, of course) so I can get the benefits of cycling while keeping relatively "clean" my androgen receptors?

    Since i am a good responder i will probably gain very good on these cycles and for the next cycle which will include injectables, my body will react even more favorably because the androgens receptors will be virtually "untouched".

    So what i am saying practically is this:

    Cycle 1: D-bol only
    Cycle 2: Injectable test + oral or other injectable
    Cycle 3: D-bol only
    Cycle 4: Injectable test + oral or other injectable

    and so on....

    What do you think? Can this be done with success?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Bump again... :eek:
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    I thought androgen receptor downregulation was a myth? Anyone know if this has been proven?
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    (I was out of town yesterday.)

    Downregulation of androgen receptors in response to supraphysiological levels of androgen is a myth with not only no proof for it, but no evidence except in a few cases where testing methods are shown to be flawed.

    There isn't an issue of receptors being clean or not.

    It can be the case (not that it always will be the case) that Dianabol can be used while maintaining normal LH. I only know of that being found where it has been used morning-only rather than in divided doses.

    I used to advocate modest morning-only use in the early recovery phase but stopped doing so on recoveries fairly clearly averaging slower when this was done.

    But where steroids weren't used previously, even 50 mg/day morning only can still allow normal LH production. I'm not saying it always will but it can. That is even without an antiaromatase.

    One problem with bridging use is, If one is using orals off cycle, then how does the liver get a break from the alkylateds if planning to use them during cycles as well? Is the off-cycle use going to be at the cost of sacrificing their use during cycles?

    But if wanting to try this use, I would test estrogen level, keep it low normal, and see what happens with T levels.

    In this instance I think it is not necessary to measure LH because at least in my previous experience with this (haven't done any such testing in a long time) Dianabol did not seem to be picked up by the tests as falsely being testosterone.
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    Thank you very much for your reply! What i am asking is not if I can bridge between injectable cycles with Dianabol but rather if i can do one cycle with injectable compounds and after I recover and take time off, do one cycle with orals and after a few months and pct another cycle with unjectables so that everytime i use testosterone for example, it's effects will be stronger and more pronounced because i won't have used neither as much or so frequently as I would if I used it on every cycle.
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    I believe the only respect in which one does better -- only in the sense of making more increase, not in the sense of achieving a better final result -- from doing less on an earlier cycle is that, well, on does less on the earlier cycle and therefore is picking up the next one from an easier-to-gain-from point.

    Short answer: you can do it but it won't improve your final result to deliberately do less on your first of two upcoming cycles.
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    I see. Thank you very much! You have been most helpful.
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    Glad it was of help! :)