Mtren and cheque drop oral suspension

Discussion in 'Steroid Homebrew' started by stone14, May 15, 2018.

  1. stone14

    stone14 Junior Member

    I have 1g of each. Can I suspend tnese ( seperatly) in pure MCT?

    Or is the small dose and high toxicity too risky? I’d be looking to have upto 2mg pet day.

    2) also looking to suspend:
    aromasin 10mg
    clomid 10mg
    nolvadex 10ml
    Per 1 ml
    100% MCT
  2. Infidel141

    Infidel141 Member

    Wouldn't you want to use something like ora plus for orals, and not mct?
  3. MCT is orally consumable, but i'd imagine it would require some sort of solvent to suspend. BB just doesn't have that taste i'm looking for. :D
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  4. You can just send the cheque drops my way instead. I'll take really good care of them for you;)
  5. Infidel141

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    Oh, C'MON you mean to tell me that doesn't sound appealin to you?!
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  6. stone14

    stone14 Junior Member

    I have never used it, will it be the best? Will it effectively suspend such a small amount to give an accurate dose in mcg? That’s what I’m worried about taking a clump lol
  7. stone14

    stone14 Junior Member

    You can for an exchange of something
  8. stone14

    stone14 Junior Member

    Ora-plus: 16oz (454ml) with 1mg powder should give around 450-500mcg/ml yes?
  9. Eman

    Eman Member

    I strongly encourage you not to use a suspension for this... Especially using MCT.

    Better to make into a solution using PEG.

    Also, send my condolences to your liver.