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    With all the trouble getting testing labs at the moment, I had to do a quick labmax test on some MTS Tbol that I wanted to run with my cycle I'm just starting.

    Unfortunately the results don't seem correct, and look to be more Dbol. However labmax is not the best, so looking for any feedback

    @mercury - you're quite experienced with labmax, what's your thoughts ?

    labmax.png labmax uv.png
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    LOL im sure they knew.... smh
  4. mercury

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    you have to catch the initial colors right away, I do not know when you took the pictures of A and B vial

    I am not sure what happened in A and B after you dropped the pill, which is important in the test.

    but looking at the UV only is more like yellow, Dbol
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    It turned red straight away, the non UV picture was taken within a few mins.

    It never went Brown/Green (vial A) or Salmon Pink (Vial B) like the labmax page says
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    Eventually Tbol will be dark red / brown and look like dbol

    So when you take a picture of Vial A and B it is important to know, is it the initial color or 10 min later.

    Dbol will have initial color red, Tbol is a little slower reaction and the initial colors will be like the brown/green, solmon pink. But they get dark slowly.

    If it was red right away it is dbol.

    The same with oils depending on the initial colors you know if it is GSO or MCT
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    Thanks @mercury

    The lab has also confirmed there was a screw up with packing/labelling - waiting for them to make good on replacing them. Will retest the replacements and update
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    If mts is short for Med-Tech Solutions?
    Id start looking elsewhere, give anabolic lab a quick look. These guys are all over the place, much better sources available.

    Before I knew any better, I did use them for my first cycle, test e 500 wk. The test did what it should have, but it would be foolish to fuck with a compound so easily tested for. (Bloodwork)
    They even have their own message board, but even as a noob back then the sensorship was comical to read.

    Hope this helps
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    Yeah it is and I totally agree, I did get some gear from them to try - but haven't touched any of it - am pretty concerned about the quality, and was going to send some to @Analyzer to check, but currently he's not taking samples.

    Instead for the cycle I just started, am using another supplier/source that always tests well on anabolic lab and also some pharma
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    Yeah sucks about analyzer.
    I was excited to see anabolic lab testing mts. I thought I found a good source, boy was I in for a surprise. Lol
    AL saved me a bunch of money I was going to spend on bunk product for my second cycle.
    Mts primo tested good but deca was severely underdosed, and their sust was all test e.
    That tells me they do zero testing on their own products. Or piss poor quality control.

    Good luck
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    So an update - After I pushed med tech, they agreed to send me 2 bottles of real tbol to make up for sending me dbol "accidentally" labelled as tbol.

    They sent it, gave me a tracking number, however the package got stopped at customs in my country.

    This is very very rare, and is the first time in about 20 orders from various sources that has ever been stopped (oils, peptides, GH etc all the time make it through).

    I messaged to ask if they had put anything on the declaration that would flag suspicion, and to not resend anything as am concerned my details may be flagged now.

    They basically said - we sent you replacement, gave you tracking, so all is done - there is no more replacement.

    Seems quite dodgy - wouldn't be hard to write steroids or something on it and then package anything (even vitamins), and of course it would get stopped by customs. Would save them from also admitting they don't have real tbol to send me...

    Bottom line - would keep away from med tech solutions (MTS), they are very shady and their shit never seems to test well.
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