Muscle Art

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aphex2, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. Aphex2

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  2. FTT010101

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    Damn, looking good bro

    wish I could draw :-(

    all I know how to do is lift, lol

  3. Aphex2

    Aphex2 Junior Member

    Thanks for the comments, im currently working on a Gunther peice.
  4. jasthace

    jasthace Member

    Nice art man,you must have good powers of visualisation.
  5. unt0ld

    unt0ld Member

    yeah you got skills bro.
  6. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Holly crap Its a dream :D

    Looks good man, nice work.
  7. Aphex2

    Aphex2 Junior Member

    Thanks your feedback means alot to me.
  8. LiquidGib

    LiquidGib Junior Member

    great stuff
    do you do art for a living? Any more pieces? even non finished work like sketches, i love looking at them
  9. gixxerboy

    gixxerboy Junior Member

    very nice. I like the first one the best.
  10. ape_like

    ape_like Junior Member

    Very talanted and blessed....
  11. Aphex2

    Aphex2 Junior Member

    Thanks alot its nice to know my work is effective.

    Hi Liquid, Im not a professional artist just one that loves doing it. LOL If any millionaires want work done then Id love the cash hahaha.

    I'll scan some more pieces in soon.
  12. unt0ld

    unt0ld Member

    was it free style? or were you looking at a picture?
  13. Aphex2

    Aphex2 Junior Member

    ....both :) but mostly done from actual body builders.
  14. JoeyNess

    JoeyNess Junior Member

    nice art and also very nice website on your signature
  15. Aphex2

    Aphex2 Junior Member

    oh yes the signature website... wink wink.
  16. Aphex2

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  17. advanced-stealth

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    Very nice great job.