Muscle grow and get Kran cycle

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    Edit: how can i change the topic from "Kran" to "lean"?

    Hey Guys,
    This ist not my First cycle... Always cruising on TRT 250mg/e7d based on doctors prescription. Raised testosterone to 500 and 750mg e7d. My First Stack was 600mg boldenon. Overall weight was 105kg at 12% body fat.

    My question is now what you guys think about my next cycle... Dosage per Week:
    Test E 500mg 0-29wks --> 250mg 29-XXwks cruise
    Bolde 300mg 0-25wks
    Masterone P 300mg 4-30wks

    No pct. After cycle falling back to TRT dosage 250mg/e7d.

    My hope/goal is to gain more muscle as with 750 Test E and 600 Bolde with a leaner and harder look and a better feeling.. guess my dosage of bolde caused slightly Influenza feelings.

    So what you Guys think about this cycle, dosage and duration? Maybe Masterone stack is to long with 26wks? Shall i reduce it to 20wks? Is my complete cycle Plan stupid?
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    Had a look to my book of roids they recommend a usage of Masterone about 10 wks
  3. I wouldn't say it’s stupid. It’s interesting and im sure there was reasoning behind your thinking.

    If you don’t mind my asking, how are are you?
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    I have not started it yet.
    Just waiting to recover my shoulder surgery supporting with mk677 3wks on 2wks off.
    At the moment doing Leg Work Out 3 Times a Week incl cardio.. primary goal is not muscle is just to avoid to become crazy:D

    TRT Dose cruising since 5 weeks. Feel very good right now.

    After the shoulder is recovered in 10wks i am going to start slowly to become back on track.
    In the mean time i am Starting to think how i can become my gains back as fast as possible and hopefully come back better as before.

    The thoughts i had is to reduce/keep testosterone as low as estradiol is not a big deal for me. My nipples seems not to be a big target for gyno at 500mg but water in my face is an issue. I would like to get rid of an ai or any kind of serm in order to keep my liver happy (and maybe gain liver head room to use some oxy) and to keep Estradiol as high as required to get the maximum gains and igf1.

    To reduce subc water and gain more dry muscle as with a compareable dose of Test i decided to use Mast P. I have red about some positive effects of a combination with bolde especially to get the joints protected from the negative effects of Masterone. In addition i hope to get very dry and vascular with that combination.

    I planned to add masterone 4 weeks later until the long ester from bolde and Test E ist fully available.

    Test E and Bolde will be pinned twice a week. Mast P every day 50 mg.

    I really would like to avoid 17nor steroids like tren for instance.

    So my questions would be:
    1) some experiences with compareable cycles?
    2) your opinion about the planned pinning routine because of the different ester.
    3) experiences with Masterone about 20 weeks? How bad for HDL/LDL and liver?

    Hope my text is not so weired because i am Not a native english speaker
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