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    Hey Meso! Musclebond here. We've lurked on these forums for a while and decided to join to see what we can provide to the Meso community. This includes answering your questions and even promo codes!

    (We are currently running a promo which gives you 5% off your total order when spending £50 or more) - Code is at the bottom of this post.


    We were part of OG SST and were one of the top verified resellers on there for the longest time. Unfortunately SST was all scrapped, including all of our reviews that included blood work. We may have some of the blood work saved and archived on our system which we can upload on here if necessary. There should be plenty of people on this forum that already recognise us too!

    For those who aren't familiar with us, We're an EU based Reseller source with multiple labs for sale. This includes all your compounds and blends as well as HGH, peptides and more. We also sell general health pharmaceuticals and AI/pct's too. The prices for all products can be found on the website found at the bottom of this post.


    The payment methods we offer are;

    Bitcoin - (No minimum) - We highly recommend using Bitcoin for all purchases, it's the most streamlines way to pay. Payment is instant and your order will go through to processing on the same day as payment. [Recommended]

    Ethereum - (No minimum) - We recommend using Ethereum for purchases, Payment is instant and your order will go through to processing on the same day as payment. [Recommended]

    Skrill - (No minimum) - This works just like paypal, though their verification process can take a while to get through. Payment is instant and your order will go through to processing on the same day as payment. [Recommended]

    Bank Transfer - (£100 Minimum) - This is a very easy way to pay both domestically and internationally. Payment is instant and your order will go through to processing on the same day as payment if you're paying from the UK. Any international bank transfer can take anywhere between 1-5 working days to clear, then the order will be moved to processing. (We keep you updated throughout) [Recommended]

    Moneygram - (Minimum £300) - This is welcome but not a preferred method of payment, we are considering getting rid of it in the future. Problems can easily arise from this method such as the money being stopped by MG.

    (We will be introducing litecoin soon)

    *Shipping rates and ETA info*

    All info can be found on our shipping rates page

    If you have any questions, be sure to check out the Important FAQ page . If anything is unanswered, don't hesitate to use the contact page.

    Current coupon: high5


    Thank you

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    And right on time for New Source Friday!:rolleyes:
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    New source threads are my fav.
    I look forward to reading this thread after work today.
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    Ok, so you’re EU and not US domestic... when addressing us, you WILL utilize the proper usage of the letter “z” in words. You WILL omit the unnecessary usage of the letter “u” in certain words. :D

    We don’t care about SST and past bloodwork, only the new stuff that comes in from our members. What exactly are you offering us? No website, email, list, prices, etc.

    Do you brew your own line of merchandise as well, or strictly reselling?
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    The website is at the bottom of the post, it has all the information. Regarding products, prices and even contact info.


    We are not US domestic but we ship internationally and have been shipping to the US every single shipping day Mon-Fri for the past 5 years.

    Thank you

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    Glad to hear!

    If you have any unanswered questions, don't hesitate to ask!

    Have a great day!

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    My bad - skimmed past it and didn’t see it. I see you ignored the most important part, and that would be the proper AMERICAN spelling of words.

    On a serious note, what do you bring to the table that we can’t do on our own?
  8. Musclebond

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    The zpelling is autocorrected. Apologiez for any inconveniencez cauzed by thiz.

    As far as things we can do. We're here as another option to choose from. A legit source with tons of reviews. We are strictly resellers of UGL's and Pharmaceutical Grade products. We source new products often and even take suggestions for new products to list.

    We have a very fast turn around time and a professional service. And just like a store, we have sales, offers and bulk price deals on all the time.

    Thank you

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    I hate you already :D
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    Woah woah woah - one entry per source!
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    We didn't realise this is the right place to post source information, so we decided to come on here too. :)

    Technically it's fair since we just got our account approved, so we're here as a source representative, and on the new members as a 'new member'.

    Thank you

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    Good morning @Musclebond and welcome.

    Lets get right into it. In doing a quick search, i noticed that you have a trash line up that you resell. (Reviews ive read on onyx and excel.) Now ive read your defense on another forum that customers speak highly of your stuff etc etc. However, you proudly sell a line that failed on miserably i might add.
    Excel Pharma Athenavar Lab Test Results - Anabolic Lab
    Zero Anavar in these tabs- ZERO NADA NOTHING IN THESE PILLS. Are you okay with that? Hey, mistakes happen i suppose..
    That in itself should be enough for any Meso member to avoid you. Also, i read of your rerurn to SST recently after a hiatus. Your return doesnt appear to be of any importance to that community. This is most likely why you have decided to branch out into this forum. Other than that, it appears people do get what they pay for, its just overly priced trash? Idk....have a good day.
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    And welcome back DFW.
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    Hmmm... “let’s wait for the cavalry to come” :D
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    Onyx was complete bunk. There's an entire thread on here about it. So, you've carried two brands which are completely void of any actual hormone? Why on earth would anyone trust you?
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    Clearly not a damn thing from what it looks like.
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    What is tesmorelin?
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    Oh it’s a hgh. Never heard of it.
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    Came back swinging!