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    Has anyone read the bodybuilder celebrity Musclehead320's steroid bible? I haven't had a chance to purchase it yet, but a few friends have told me that it is the best book ever created for beginners and advanced users. I want more feedback before I purchase a 50$ ebook. Any thoughts?
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    There's nothing on there you can't get for free here at meso ..
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    That ebook's been shared on dropbox or even the torrents by a lot of people.
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    Put your time and research here. You'll grasp a better understanding how everything works.
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    Where is it then so I can grab it for free
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  7. You should support independent authors by actually buying their shit (assuming it's something you want). Not a fan of spreading torrents for something like this unless it's out of print or can't be purchased any longer. Not directed at you OP, but it was mentioned ITT.
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    or they could save many hours of there life's and get a book and get a straight answer as well. These forums mislead people and they can't get straight answers. I have made over 100 grand on this book in under 30 days so it's safe to say people would much rather have The convenience of not searching a forum. And also the comfort of knowing who the info is coming from. Not some guy hiding behind an avatar who could look like Screech from saved by the bell.
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    I hope you paid for a good editor.
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    ^^^^ Now that's funny right there. I am another miserable student when it comes to literacy :(
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    We call that bullshit here in America, Masse. :)

    Although, there's a sucker born every minute.
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    Book is fine but does it have guys like dr Jim Michael scally Millard baker in there to answer other questions??
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    You can get ask the trenbaloney sandwiches you want now. You made it bro. Jelly over here
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    If you're doing so well, why are you here trying to prove how well you're doing?

    Yeah dude you're pretty big, but meso is filled with dudes your size and bigger.

    Not hating on you making your dime, you just seem really insecure with how hard you're trying to prove your worth by how much you've made on a book.

    Just remember, the pet rock made its inventor a millionaire.