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    Hey dudes, so this is what I've got to work with until I get back in the gym. Not pictured is a doorway pull up bar and TRX straps hanging from it. Left to right are elite FTS monster band, some smaller long bands, ironmind wrist reinforcer, ironmind head harness and loading pin, 40lb dumbbell, Walmart curling bar and adjustable dumbbell handle with 100lbs of weight. 2 110lb dumbbells I convinced the owner of the gym that I go to let me bring home. Fat gripz, captains of crush grippers levels 1 through 3 and elite FTS AB wheel. these are just some things I have collected over the years and some things I have gotten recently. I ran out and got the pull-up bar and TRX when all this craziness happened. Some of you guys post up pics of your stuff and how you plan to use your equipment. I also would not mind any unusual tips as how you would use the equipment that I have. Thanks guys!

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  2. Fuck yeah
    You get get really creative on your movements and repetitions, you'll be able to stay swole.

    My biggest godsend was buying a bar and a few hundred lbs of weight.

    I can keep deadlifting /Squat and flat bench through the apocalypse (Only 3 workouts I care about now lol)
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    Absolutely! I'm actually unfortunately in the process of moving and have to be out by April first LOL but my new spot has a full on basement that I could turn into the gym of my dreams. I'm going to wait and see how this all plays out and if it's taking a ridiculous amount of time I'm going to have to drop a few bucks on a gnarly cage, power bar in about six hundred pounds worth of weight! LOL
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    I was banging out sets of one arm floor presses with the dumbbell supersetting with Pull-Ups. Worked out very nicely.
  5. Pretty much.
    Honestly, I can find great variations with just a rack/bench and a bar with weight.

    More than enough to keep the gains train running on my cycle.

    Sure, I miss cables... but PL is my goal
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    My sentiments exactly bro
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    I wish I had a pull up bar.
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    Get one. $20.
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    Anyone gotten any tips for me to get both 110 lb dumbbells into position for a floor press? I seem to only be able to get one and do one side at a time. I put one dumbbell vertically on my right thigh but then I could not get the other one up to my left thigh with one hand. I don't have any training partners at home. What can I do?
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    Stupid, simple question, but is it because of a weaker arm that you can’t get the other one up? Do you use two hands to get the first one up, or only one?
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    I have been using 2 as it's an awkward angle to pick it up at and it is 110 lb so I am using two hands I don't want to strain my one arm trying to lift it over to my chest. Believe me I've tried. If I let the one go it'll fall.
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    Screenshot_20200321-092821.png Screenshot_20200321-092851.png thinking about picking one of these up. Great way to lift a lot of weight in a small space without damaging it or making a lot of noise.
  13. That's a good idea.
    Some nice dynamic movements to be had there.
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    Bunch of people gonna go look up Charles Atlas workout plans lol
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    Do you have a couple chairs? You could like push two together with a spot in the middle for your hand to grab the handle and just lift up and out, it would be like a bootleg bar rack haha
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    Charles Atlas - Chump into a champ.jpg Charles Atlas - Insult that made a man out of Mac 2.jpg
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    I did purchase the ironmind sandbag the other day. Even with prime shipping it won't be here until next Saturday. Ugh oh well, next weekend I will be the lunatic with a 300 lb sandbag walking up and down my block.:cool:
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  19. Swole Lunatic
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    That looks like a great little set up.
    I posted this on another thread.

    "I've never been much of a gym rat. I've had memberships to several gyms but would usuallygo for deadlifts, squats and barbell bench. Alot of other work I can do at home. Or in thesummer, load some weights in the back of my truck and go to a park to train outside. It feels good and to get some sun.
    What a perfect time to try out some calisthenics movements. Obviously dips and chins, all day. Handstand pushups, planches, levers. And some pistol squats.
    At home I have assortment of weight plates, a long bar and some dumbbell bars. The dumbbells get me up to 90lbs, but ive been thinking about getting a powerblock. I also have a set of 25, 50, 100, and 120 hex dumbbells. I can strap the 100 and 120 together to do dumbbell deadlits. A folding ab board acts as bench. Flat when folded and incline when unfolded. Also I have some bands with handles that are from probably 25-50lbs in tension. That little set up has served me well and can literally fit in a closet."

    I really the sandbag idea and have to look into it.
    Some things I still would like to get are the powerblock. A v-bar. I could use some rope and all I would need is something overhead, even a tree, to do pull ups. A set of gymnastic rings. Some calethstenics bars. Replace my heavy duty hand grippers. I like the fat gripz idea too. And replace my stopwatch, which I misplaced not too long ago.
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