My Breakfast What ya think.

Discussion in 'Nutrition / Supplements Forum' started by Preacher, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    Hey what u guys think of this for meal 1....

    1 carton of liquid egg whites (8 egg whites)
    1 scoop whey protein powder. (blend together)
    1/2 cup oatmeal (measured dry)
    1 tbsp flaxseed oil.
    ( Throw it all in the blender for quick meal before work)
  2. jsupstarz

    jsupstarz Junior Member

    Bad breakfast! I can't stand egg whites in the carton, they make me nauseaus.:eek:
  3. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

  4. Reinheart

    Reinheart Member

    Bad breakfast indeed.
    Mine is:

    5 egg whites (boiled)
    1 fresh orange juice
    Oatmeal with 1,5% milk
    2 slices of whole weat bread with honey

    It gives me a ton of energy. :)
  5. Preacher

    Preacher Junior Member

    ahhh balls to you guys :)