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    I was asked in another thread what my top 5 generic GH brands would be. These are all the ones I have personally ran or running. I have come to this ranking with igf-1 scores, side effects and what they have done to my physique. I have made two list for ranking them. One which takes into consideration price per iu and one that does not.

    This ranking DOES take into consideration price per iu.

    1. Mauve Tops
    2. Black Tops
    3. Godtropin
    4. Grey Tops
    5. Somastim

    This ranking DOES NOT take into consideration price per iu.

    1. Grey Tops
    2. Mauve Tops
    3. Black Tops
    4. Somastim
    5. Godtropin

    There are other generics out there that are still good IMO. These are just my personal choices.

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    Hey thanks!!! Always like your take on things
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    Thanks @mands I have heard good things about mauve but there relatively new so there isn't much info out on them. If there better than blacktops on bolth list they seem promising
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    @mands word is also as good as it gets on this board when it comes to gh. So for the new guys looking at this thread, this is very valuable and credible information
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    Deff agree with that anything he post that I have come across is very helpful an backed up by real life experience not just hear say
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    Thanks for posting this very useful information brother.
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    Thanks my man. Hope all is well your way.

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    Things are going well for me! Hope the same for you. Always good to see you active here
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    Do you feel your ranking has changed since the big blow up of TP and the old greys/blacks before the bad testing that came in?
    Or is this in general sense?
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    NO sir. With what happened on those "bad batches" as you know. It was caught by TP and then relayed to the community.

    What's sort of funny... Well not really is that even with the lower purity of those "bad batches" they still were better than a ton of generics out there.

    As far as what I have ran those brands are still top of the line generics throughout.

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    @mands Can you compare these generics, cost being irrelevant, to Pharma HGH?
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    What batch # were these?
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    #38 was one
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    I’ll go with the MauveTops I think next, after a short break. Would like to try the SigmaTropin out, but a bit pricey.
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    Much appreciated...
    Can I ask why godt is 5th not considering price?
    What sets them out from tp's (all 3) in quality type wise?
    By your feelings?
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    So here is my Top 5 Pharm Grade.

    1. Saizen
    2. Humatrope
    3. Omnitrope
    4. Seros
    5. Ankebio Ansomone

    I honestly would say just by scores, sides and physique changes not much different. You could lay my top 5 generics against the pharm grade in parallel.

    You also have to remember when I war running these GH's at different occasion different factors could contribute to my personal experience with them.

    #38 and #40

    I will be able to update after my second igf-1 levels on this but it seems sides are a little more prevalent and had better IGF-1 scores on the others. Not too much though. I have dosed current GT's now at 2.7 ml and taking 20 units or 2 ius and will test again.

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    Where's Norditropin ? Or never used?
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    I had some at one point and I guy I was prepping for a show needed it so I let him have it.

    I'm sure it would be right around the Omni's or Seros.

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    I pulled some pretty high igf numbers with the bad batch of mauves
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