My current training routine. What do you guys think?

Discussion in 'Training Forum' started by Clark Cooper, Aug 26, 2020.

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    I do not mean to talk back or disregard your advice (please don't think I am disrespecting anyone's advice again) lol but I'll just say the truth : unfortunately I physically cannot eat 250 grams of protein a day -- right now (!)-- maybe in future I will be able to. Anything close to 200 gramms a day make my liver feel weird and makes me feel weird also like I cannot even fall asleep in that state so I stay up and like not going to bed cause my stomach just cannot digest all of it. It is a clear indication that my body does not need that amount of protein yet, I am sure any doctor or nutritionist on here would agree with me. Now however like I said I do eat a lot and I am always trying to meet that 3300 kcal per day (my current surplus for bulking). Plenty of proteins lots of carbs + fats. We have to consider the fact though some of you guys weight 200+ lbs and you are juicing so maybe your liver and organs work slightly differently to mine I don't know. I am not juicing yet and never been. And maybe it's just the way my body works (note that everyone has a different body) lol Now some here will probably say that I am not supposed to ever try AAS (they usually make this conclusion based on the aforementioned by me fact that I cannot handle a lot of proteins/fats at the moment). But my argument here is: as it is known on steroids your body process protein more efficiently and also in future when/if I finally become 200lbs+ my body will be able to take more protein w/o side effects. And then those numbers like 250-300 protein per day will become good for me. Well if not then so be it -- hello my super slow gains I guess?! haha Another thing ( I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate for that :D) is I do not believe that people who did steroid cycles and who ate 150-170 grams of protein per day and they gained like too little muscle and wasted their time completely on steroids or lost all of their gains afterwards and even pct/hcg and dedicated training could not help them. I believe they also made reasonable gains. I do of course agree though that those who did the same cycles and ate say 250-300 and even 400 (or I dunno how much people can handle) probably gained more lean muscle and I respect that. But that only mean that their bodies, their genetics, their age (I see plenty of instagram kids juicing at their 18-20 years if not younger) can handle that. I fully agree with the fact though that I need to greatly improve my lifts before jumping on gear though!
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    None taken just pointing out those here helping you dont disregard it.
    I may have missed it
    Calories and Macros... Cals in vs Cals out determines if you lose, maintain, or gain... i have to on blast continually increase calories to keep putting on weight some times im excess of 4000 per day...
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    Doesnt quite work that way.

    If your liver is having issues processing the food now.

    It will only get harder
    AAS is hard on the liver, if anything it stresses our your liver significantly more, if you think AAS will get rid of your liver problems, you have a rude awakening coming to you and you havnt done enough research.

    As for losing mass
    You will lose mass proportionality to how you train before your cycle.

    I'm not saying you wint make gains on gear.. you WILL
    It's that simple

    But if you switch back to your previous training after your cycle, you will 100%lose the mass.
    Because you are having issues building mass currently.
    Imagine using the same program, with 15lbs of extra muscle and no testosterone in your system.

    It wont end well, you re going to lose it all.

    If you cant gain effectively off cycle, you will lose it all anyways.

    Food for thought
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    I did yesterday lol Force fed myself on some extra chicken breast. I mean I do grow a bit. You guys must be thinking I am stuck completely. In fact my wings has grown noticably bigger in the last month because I included wide hands pull up in my routine. It really helps me. I still wish they would grow faster lol
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    Pull 1 - deadlifts, leg curls, chinups, cable rows, lateral side raises, incline curls

    Push 1 - front squats, incline DB bench, close-grip bench, split squats, standing calf raises, rolling tricep extensions

    Pull 2 - RDLs, pullups, weighted back extensions, lateral raises, barbell curls, machine preacher curls

    Push 2 - back squats, flat bench, OHP, leg extensions, seated calf raises, cable tricep pushdowns

    I change it up whenever I feel like it, but that was this week's schedule.
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    Damn dude looks awesome might be stealing that :cool:I love how your routine paying attention to calves and you have some nice leg workout going. My routine doesn't have shit for calves. I wonder what was the author's point... How's your biceps btw? You know my arms do not grow as much as I would love them to I am always unhappy with my biceps peaks. I noticed I only have more biceps growth when I train them like on each of my workout day. I am thinking hopefully they will grow as my compound lifts go up.....

    You doing that routine on cycle as well?
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    My biceps are OK, but they're a weak point if I don't include a lot of direct work for them in my routine. That's why I chose chinups / pullups rather than pulldowns and added the second set of curls on pull day 2.

    If you do decide to use my routine as a template, be aware that your legs will be sore almost 24/7. I wouldn't really recommend it to start off. You'll probably get better results from a generic upper/lower or something similar. 5/3/1 is good for building a base.
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    True cause one thing I don't know about your workout is how many sets/reps for each exercise. And I suppose you based it around your 1RM. or like 3RM. Yea I heard good things about 5/3/1.

    Basically based on what I hear from lifters here on other forums: some suggest 5x5 (that's like basic) some suggest push pull legs, some suggest 5/3/1 and some suggest upper/lower body split. Makes it kind of hard to choose for me now not gonna lie.
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    Firstly you want hypertrophy, strength, or both?
    Strength I like Beyond 531 or Sheiko
    Hypertrophy anything John Meadows
    Both PHAT
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    Yea I understand your point here is basically that I might have a weak liver and it will possibly fail when I start injecting Test Enanthate. I thought so too but I checked it I did all the bloods specifically for liver. My bloods they are all fine. My doctor said the only reason you had liver pains and symptoms cause you were binging on large amounts of food: such as fat carbs and proteins that do not correlate to my current weight which my doctor said no one should do. Perhaps I just messed up my macros who knows.

    And ehm..... Why would I deliberately just switch back to my old program after a cycle brother? :D Ok maybe I missed something again.... Would obviously try to maintain the mass I earned so hard on cycle and possibly even gain more later. You won't have your 15-20 pounds forever after your first cycle anyways. You'll probably lose half. Idk .. Coach Gregg says you might lose half even with a good pct and that's fine you know, at least that's fine by me. But that's why you need a second cycle, don't you? ;)

    And as I said I'm not doing any cycles yet just finding out all these little things before I start my cycle in future. Improving my strength currently (so I won't have to switch back to my previous training after the cycle like you said) and hence asking people here about good training routines. You see not even hanging out on steroids threads anymore am I.
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    That's like a good question man.... Well my strength sucks obviously. I bench like 55kg and doing my stupid 3x8 with that weight currently. Next week I was gonna add 2.5 kg. But I wanna change that now. But if I like focus on my strength primarily will my muscle grow aesthetically so to say? :D I need strength obv I cannot go on like that.
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    I would consider starting strength or 5x5 at this point then
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    Reading through this hurt my head. Lol.

    Man, you're making this shit way more complicated than it needs to be. Eat enough food to gain at least a pound a week. If you didn't gain, eat more. Hit every muscle in the gym with intention. Then hit it a little harder next time, and a little harder the time after that, etc. Then sleep a good 8 hours a night and stay hydrated. Lol. If you repeat that very simple process, then eat whatever foods, and run whatever program and you'll eventually put on size. All this shit about your liver hurting from eating over 200g of protein and waiting until you start gear to train for real just sounds silly. Either start killing it as a natty and then start taking gear after you're more serious with things or just move along man. Roids aren't for everyone.
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    Wow :D If a human could gain a pound of muscle per week w/o any gear I'd probably not even ever consider steroids lol

    Sorry to hear you are also disappointed with my inability to process 200+ grams of protein per day well I guess I couldn't have explained it better above if you've read it xD
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    Dude... You don't gain a pound of MUSCLE a week. You just gain a pound. It might be water, glycogen, extra shit in your intestines, fat, etc. Regardless, just gain the fucking weight man. If you don't, you're going to always look and be the same. If that's what you want, awesome. Being jacked isn't the key to happiness. But if you want to get jacked, then shut the fuck up, stop making excuses, and just do the very simple shit that's been told to you numerous times now. If you're incapable of that, move onto a different hobby. Lol
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    It's not that easy to gain a pound a week for everybody. Everyone has different metabolism and different organs. And the thread was actually about discussing advantages and disadvantages of 3 days full body routine and not about whether I should use gear or not. Or whether I should carry on pursuing bodybuilding as hobby or not. Imagine next time you run into an obstacle and ask somebody a question about bodybuilding they will tell you go quit and throw away your gym membership too lol Thank you for your kind words though.
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    I don't know man. I just see you making a lot of excuses and not a lot of shit happen. I used to be 140lbs. Do you think I didn't have my fair share of the shits trying to get up to 200+? Lol. Do you think I didn't put on any fat during that time? Do you think I didn't force feed myself the whole time? Do you think I haven't injured myself numerous times but kept pushing?

    You're right, were not the same. But the mentality is the biggest difference
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    Btw @Silentlemon1011 you gonna hate me for this probably :D but I'll just drop it here: Arnold Schwarzenegger says everywhere in his books that no more than 0.7-1 g of protein per lbs of body weight is needed to build muscles. For a 175 lbs male for example it would be somewhere between 122-175 grams. The Protein Bible: Part 1 - Introduction
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    No I mean I am pushing through too. I had many injuries but I never gave up yet, didn't I. About the issues that I had with my GI tract though it was all true and I was not meant to sound like an excuse. GI has always been my weakest point since childhood I had an ulcer two times and recently some liver issues popped up as an adult as well. Never said it stopped me from doing shit though just made me reconsider my diet a bit... Here just had a question about a better routine for myself. Looks like I found it now though thanks to some guys comments above.
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    man I miss those days, bumping it up to 200grams of protein for the first time running Texas method 8+ years ago. I would wake up at 2am to take the biggest shits in my life and have the foulest gas for months. I remember thinking “fuck tracking”, the second I started tracking I realized my macros were so off, and so under on protein. Once I started hitting those numbers consistently I started seeing some serious growth as a natty.

    the best thing you can do for your strength is learning to eat properly. If you’re under on protein - at least for me I stall. If I don’t sleep a full 8 hours I won’t even attempt a 1rep PR. If you keep making excuses for why you can’t do this, you’ll never accomplish your goals. Be consistent, eat, and always train harder than last time. Listen to your body, recover but don’t use it as an excuse to not progress or take the advice of members here.

    the programs others mentioned here are great, look into all of them. Checkout Bigger Leaner Stronger. Pick one that you progress well with and stick to it
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