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  1. Current
    Age: 37
    HT: 5'7''
    WT: 180
    BF%: 15
    Goals: Quality Mass (Barbarian Brothers)
    Cycle history(Start Sept 2018): 1 cycle Anavar(30mg a day), 2nd cycle Test E 400mg per week(200mg 2 times a week) tried with some Test prop but didnt like the pip, reduced during cycle to 250mg per week(125mg 2 times a week)
    Hi all wanted to make a blog of my first time cycle using some DP from PCS. Hope you enjoy the read and possibly take away something good from it.

    I originally was gonna start my cycle at only 250mg a week at 125mg twice a week. But I had on hand proprionat and decided to kick off my cycle by doing 125mg plus 50mg. I was getting to much pip from the proprionat so I decided .75ml of just test E. It kind of always rounds to .8 which is equivalent of 400mg a week. I still get pip with the Test E only and I kind of been wondering if I should reduce. What got me to finally decide to take test was even though I was always natural I stopped completely making gains(been training for 20 years religiously). Although to be honest gains stopped probably by 32. by the. I noticed year after year I was getting weaker and weaker and getting injured whenever pushing myself even a little. Fast forward 5 years later I knew something was wrong. I always was very sexual but now couldn't hold erections properly and I had tons of issues orgasming. At this point I did blood work at a lab and had very low test levels. I went to my main doctor and told him and had him know and he did again a complete blood panel and saw I was healthy but that. He ordered me to go to a. Endocrine doctor because he recommended test but wanted to know the dosages to give. When his office called to make an appointment they gave me a over two months appointment. Thats when I got frustrated and said the hell with that. I finally found some DP product and and tried it. The pip was pretty bad in the quad for a couple weeks and because of that I went back to my doctor cause I was worried. I told him directly what I was doing because I had to wait over two months and I was pretty depressed having problems with my wife. He then wrote and hand written letter and got me into that endocrine within a week. The endocrine ordered even more blood work and I told him what I was doing (400mg test E) and that finally I am starting to feel like my old self again. He told me in two weeks my doctor will get his recommendation. The endocrine actually asked me before I even said my dosage if i was taking 500mg test E and i said no 400. so it's just like you said many of the forums tell people anything under 500 is a waste which is hard to believe. Told him I use EOD every other day arimidex 0.5mg and he checked my testicles(which still seem about there normal size) and my chest. It's also very tough cause I don't speak the language and not living in the US anymore and things can be rather tough to figure out with the language barrier. So I can tell you this though. Even with the pip. I love the Strength increase and gains I keep making with all my years of training experience but most of all I love; and to be very direct; how my sex drive has went up tremendously and my orgasms are incredible. Hopefully you guys don't find it disgusting to be so graphic.
    Stats as of now:
    5'7"(although with age I think I shrunk an inch or two!)
    84kilos(185 pounds)
    16.75 biceps
    37 years old

    My last full stat check was:
    16.5 arm
    23.75 quad
    35.25 waist
    44.25 chest
    15.75 calf
    82.5 weight

    I've also been in one competition a few years back which was a wonderful experience and currently in this moment I'm in a "bulking phase". Even with fat always wanted to hit 200 pounds. I am naturally very skinny.

    Oh in case you were wondering my before stats:
    15.5 arm
    21.5 quad
    32 waist
    40 chest
    15 calf
    73.6 weight

    Had a shit experience with the endo today who had me take new results(if anyone remembers my story). Anyways beside the terrible pip I keep getting from DP stuff I can say the blood results dont lie. It just sucks the pip I get and at this point I know I am pinning properly... (BTW I was at 400mg test e before, i dropped to 250mg so currently I am sure my levels are in the high range but lower than you see). If I can get someone to take a good photo of me in the gym I will post up a photo of me for you guys to see. BTW it does not say on these images but my before Cortisol was at 16.8, my woman is making me fucking crazy so I expect that to be 168 on my next reading.

    I kept dropping my test during past few weeks to see where I would be at strength etc wise, I went from 0.5mg every 3.5 days to now 0.5mg every 5 days, my BF is at about 15%. Still feeling just about equally strong and everything appears good. I believe I am sensitive to dosing and can get away with lower doses or my test was just so low naturally it affects me easier which I believe is a positive in using product. I am also currently in a 4 week period of using 20mg(10mg, twice per day dboll). I did not mention it above but before I used test I tried anavar alone starting at 10mg and went to 30mg per day spaced out every 8 hours(4 weeks run), I noticed clear strength increases.

    From 11-23 I will attach my last bloods from about 3 weeks ago, I am back on a cutting stage and am preparing for my next cycle which I expect to be:
    Test C 250MG 17/weeks
    Deca 200MG 15/weeks
    EOD arimidex 0.5mg
    (And if all goes well, 5 weeks into cycle, add in 4 weeks of Dbol 20mg/d for 4 weeks)

    pct(start a week after the last test C injection)
    Nova 40mg per day/2 weeks followed by 20mg per day/3 weeks
    arimidex 0.5mg EOD

    I would take NAC-ACETYL-L-CYSTEIN 600mg/2day while on DBol

    Currently take EEA, omega oils, zma, magnesium, calcium, choline & inositol

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  2. Well if you’re talking about just feeling normal all you need is 100-200mg if T per week. Also I’m kinda confused, in the beginning it sounded like you were starting trt, self-prescribed at first then thru your dr but towards the end you mention pct. Are you stopping trt then?
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  3. Hi Terminator, thanks for reading my super long post, i didnt think anyone would:) originally the idea was to feel like my old self again. I started with much higher than a TRT at 400mg per week dose and went down to my current dosage of apx. 150mg a week. The only addition in this moment is the 4 weeks of Dboll. I still feel great, making gains in gym, sexual wellness has come back and so forth. The idea was to finish with this 4 weeks and use pct to get off everything and assess everything. Now I decided that at such a low dosage its sort of like a blast and cruise and as soon as I get my deca/test I am going to go into the cycle of 250mg test 200mg deca and somewhere in the cycle add in dboll. Then I would get off of everything is the idea. Since I have always been married to the gym since I was 16 I say if I cant get it from a doctor cause of the hard time they gave me for TRT dosages, screw, if i already have the stuff and have to inject, i should actually go into it more seriously. I know for most this dosages are insane and very low but like I said I have made great gains in what is not even 2 months of just using the test(disregarding the Anavar cycle).
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  4. lol it was interesting enough to keep my interest. Thanks for elaborating. I wouldn’t listen to all these people that take grams of roids, I mean if you’re able to make gains on a high trt dose of 250 then there’s no need to take a higher dose. Just like any drug it’s always best to take the the lowest dose possible to achieve your goals. Personally I’ve been making better gains, mostly in strength on my trt dose of 100mg/wk + ~250ish iu of hcg 3x/wk than I did on 400-500mg of T, feel better too.

    Not bad idea to come off to assess your situation, I want to see if I can come off and recover my natural T levels now that I’m in better shape and am no longer taking large doses of opioids, I plan on asking the specialist when I get around to see him whether he thinks it’s possible. One thing I’d strongly suggest is waiting a bit longer than one week to start pct as you’ll still have a good amount of T. Technically my trt dose/schedule is 200mg every other week but I do 100mg/wk so you’ll definitely have too much after 7 days for pct. I’m not a pct expert but knowing half-lives and from what I’ve read and my own trt experience even two weeks is a bit too soon.
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  5. thanks for telling me about your cycle thats helpful to know. When I get to pct I have it set fairly simple i just will use nolvadex and arimidex just like I am using now during cycle. You mentioned hcg and that is for testicular function and one thing I have noticed is still to this point my testicles are still the same size as before any cycle. I haven't really seen any info on why that is although I am happy about that cause i think thats good.. i think:) By the way how old are you if you dont mind me asking, from your post I gather you are taking TRT from a real doc and not an UGL.
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  6. I would have to agree with what you said thaybpost was super long and I read the first few paragraphs and stopped haha. Could you possibly just write a shortened version and say your stats, history, current cycle, goals of using AAS, and current and future plans? I’d be glad to give input but I can’t concentrate that long and I’m sure if you throw something short together you’ll get a lot more feedback from the community brotha.
  7. :D
    Age: 37
    HT: 5'7''
    WT: 180
    BF%: 15
    Goals: Quality Mass (Barbarian Brothers)
    Cycle history(Start Sept 2018): 1 cycle Anavar(30mg a day), 2nd cycle Test E 400mg per week(200mg 2 times a week) tried with some Test prop but didnt like the pip, reduced during cycle to 250mg per week(125mg 2 times a week)

    Current cycle: 125mg test E mixed with a 20mg prop E6thD, DBOL 20mg/d
    How I feel: Strong and Good

    Next Cycle:
    Test C 250MG 17/weeks
    Deca 200MG 15/weeks
    EOD arimidex 0.5mg
    (And if all goes well, 5 weeks into cycle, add in 4 weeks of Dbol 20mg/d for 4 weeks)
    pct: nolvadex 40per day week 1/40 week 2/20 "3/20 "4/20 "5
    EOD arimidex 0.5mg
    Goal of cycle: Gain quality mass, meaning being thick cymetrical and some definition, reason I chose deca, mass and the positives of joint pain caused by tend issues in shoulder.

    Training naturally religiously for 20 years
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    Interesting doses for the test and deca. I use low doses too, but that's even lower than what I use lol. Most likely there will be no need to take your AI as soon as you start your cycle. Get blood work to see where your e2 levels are and adjust accordingly.
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    I don’t understand the rationale behind adding 20 mg of prop e6d. On a cruise/TRT the goal is to keep levels stable. With the prop you’re spiking e6d. Moreover, only 20 mg seems pretty pointless, not adding much.

    Props (pun intended) to you for keeping dosages low, most people want to jump in with both feet. One thing I find is if I am not running test at least 1.5 times higher than Deca I get perceptible sexual side effects. That is with an AI. cialis takes care of the issue for me. Keep on eye peeled.

    Good luck.
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  10. What’s your training look like? Diet? Also agree with @lightspan i don’t understand the point of having the test propionate in there. How have you progressed thus far with your current cycle? In terms of adding mass vs leaning out ?
  11. Thanks for all the feedback I really appreciate it:

    BigNattyDaddy, I was annoyed the specialist a few weeks ago did not take my E2 levels, he checked my chest for gyno but that is all. The images I attached show from what his findings were (where the test level is spiked). Right now my test is super low and yet I feel super strong. Basically this is a testament that unfortunately something went wrong with my natural test production long ago and it keeps dropping and since the doctor can give a hoot less and I am not in america to find better doctors I will have to do the best I can and try to benefit from this situation.

    Lightspan, The reason I added in the proprionat(100mg) again is because I was getting terrible pip when I first started my cycle using test and proprionat to start the cycle. I tried 0.5 at first, different injection sites and then lowered to 0.3 and still awful pip. The first time was so bad cause it was in my quad I had an abcess for at least 2 weeks. I decided yesterday because I am very low on test E and waiting for my next one which will be Test C so I can inject once a week to come(I was before doing every 3.5 days)to come. So because I have so little left I decided to put in the same syringe Test E and proprionat one last time but drop it to 0.2. The pip today which usually is when the pain comes on is so minimal its almost non existent and that makes me very happy. I do heat up the syringe in hot water too and that certainly helps and I will for now only do the glutes. I know its half life is only 2 days so my hope is that since I am taking an injection one for example Thursday, I count 5 days of no inject and then on the 6th inject again. For those first 2 days the proprionat should keep levels a bit higher and then the E would kick in for the remainder. It is not exactly perfect but it is also to build some kind of acceptance to the proprionat as well.

    FourOneDeuxFitt, Training is generally 5 days a week, sometimes six. I split up every body part. When I feel strong I will do two body parts in a day and sometimes I will hit tris twices a week since I feel that is one part that always I feel is lacking. Diet in this exact moment(because I tinker it here and there based on how I feel is:
    1)breakfast 1/4 cup rice with 5 eggs *my token breakfast I have been eating for years(I just sometimes adjust amount of rice and eggs based on goal in moment)
    2)snack one scoop protein with apple(then gym)
    3)1/4 cup rice, 200g chicken or lean ground meat or steak(after gym)
    4)same as 3
    5)two eggs and coleslaw and pickles and maybe a couple green olives
    6)If I feel super hungry I will eat 50g of a healthi(er) cereal with low fat milk
    *sometimes I will substitute rice for 1/4 cup mashed potatoes or 1/4 cup beans. Sometimes if I am in mood and hungry like right now I will eat rice and beans both 1/4 with my after gym meal.

    I started in the beginning pretty lean and thought I would bulk up but that was kinda dumb. Now I see that I am at 15% body fat on my belly which is odd considering I have clear definition all over unless I am doing something wrong with the calipers. I feel like I am retaining some belly fat in moment and I am sure water bloat, which I am ok with as long as its not to much. The simple answer is as an example my biceps sit at 16.75" where a month and a half ago or so they were around 15.5" IIRC. Legs, also went up and have more definition. I do not focus on stomach at all, I guess thats my one weakness I never seem to have time to do abs.

    Thanks everyone!
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    You've got to work on shortening those posts lol
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  13. sorry dude, i will try to write less in future posts:oops:
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  14. Well if your trying to “bulk” then gaining some belly fat and etc is going to happen. If you want to grow I would keep pushing clean foods and train and rest properly. Make sure your getting enough rest in between body parts and always listen to your body. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing the ssplit your on but maybe try switching it up? Give your body something new like Kate push/pull/legs or upper/lower/off/repeat and etc. many ways we can continue to grow WITHOUT more drugs. Listen to the mirror. If your gonna push more good to grow don’t make huge jumps. 3-400 cals at a time for a couple weeks and keep an eye on your weight and how you look. Then adjust accordingly whether that be stay the same, drop, or add more cals. For myself when I add in more I normally add it to my pre and post meals. Even add more carbs intra when your body really can use the extra cals. If I’m trying to grow I will absolutely eat carbs before bed. That’s me personally. Some people do and some don’t I choose to when I need to.
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    Got it. Just an FYI - pip from test prop is a bitch. I only use prop in my delts. If I pin it in my quads it is crippling - as you’ve observed. Try pinning in your delts. Put the loaded aysringe in a heating pad before injecting to warm up the oil, that will help.
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    What in the holy fuck??
    So your going to shut your self down for 20 plus weeks to run 250 mg of test and Deca? Instead of typing out these long proposed cycles you should have just asked for help because you have no fucking clue what your doing!!

    With these cycle lengths you can’t start pct two after your last shot of test! Your going need at at least 6 weeks for the Deca to clear. So you would be starting pct week 21-22.
  17. I’m 94 years old but I look like I’m in my mid 20s, nah just joking I’m 32. First realized thru blood tests that my T was low at 27, it was ~160, from then till 31 tests came back in the ranges of 130-240, when it was 240 I actually felt pretty good I had even more libido than I do now but right before I started trt it dropped back to 130. Initial drs refused to help regardless of my levels. I’m pretty certain the opioids and the fact that I allowed myself to get obese were a big factor in those poor #s. A dr finally started me on trt when he saw my #s.

    Re hCG and testicles, from my understanding the size of your testicles is not the best way to gauge function. I’d think that a sperm analysis would be and maybe an ultrasound, especially if you had 1 pre aas would be better. I had an ultrasound both pre and 6 months into trt because I had pain down there. Anyway I’d imagine it best to start hCG sooner so you never lose sensitivity but as long as they aren’t damaged you should be able revive them somewhat with hCG. I really like hCG specifically rhCG because of the libido and mood boost it gives. For me it’s gives me a much greater increase in libido than adding in extra T, even rapid acting T. I didn’t even know what hCG was when I started trt so I added it a yr into trt in hopes of retaining/regaining fertility.
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  18. Thanks terminator I appreciate the responses it helps me
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    No one going to tell this guy to drop the AI on pct? it’s not going to do any good for you only cause more harm. nolvadex and clomid if you want for pct defo don’t use armidex
  20. Could you tell me why please? From all my research and questions around I was told to use arimidex while in cycle and after. I was actually told to use aromasin in both situations because its better, but since I still have a lot of arimidex I decided to use it till I finish it then in the future use aromasin. As for Nolvadex and Clomid. I would only use Nolvadex. I read about Clomid messing with peoples eyes and I had concerns over that so I decided to use Nolvadex. I was under the impression from some people it was either one or the other that was needed not both. Thanks for your help.