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    I open for other opinions on what I'm doing. I have already started
    My cycle. I'm using a gram
    Of test e per week and I plan on week 15 to drop it down to 250 a week with 400 mgs of tren e for another 5 weeks . I'm curious of what you guys think about this. My stats are 220 lbs and 22 years old and the reason for no orals is bc my cholesterol levels aren't that great ATM
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    You are a troll and your days here won't be long
    22 ? How about 16
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    How am I a troll ?i can provide pics and
    I'm on week 7 with Geneva and
    Pep products
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    Why are you shitting on all these threads with one sentence comments you are not the first or the last idiot trying I get to 50 posts in a day we make sure you don't get shit for free so stop spamming
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    Noticed the same, useless posts everywhere.. messaged him when he first started doing it to 'cool it' and take a little longer than 30 seconds between each post, he just writes "but they're all on the front page" :rolleyes:

    Greedy little cunts, and on Christmas too! [|)]
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    Not spamming but whatever with the vicious attacks. If you wanted to know I do fullbody workouts 3x a week. I always do four main
    Exercises db bench press , db standing ohp, squats , and pull-ups. Then I add in accessory work for
    My lifts. I do high reps of squat at 285, pull-ups be plus a 25 db. DBS ohp after db bench with 55s , 90 db bench press
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    I posted about this in the general discussion thread
    I stopped counting at 16 threads he bumped with one liners.
    Sorry but you will be declined
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