My experience with NPP and why I prefer Primo

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    My experience with NPP and why I prefer Primo

    So, I recently wrapped an 8 week NPP cycle. I ran this along side gh at 1.5iu daily and increased to 2iu daily. I started NPP at 10mg E3D and slowly increased to 40 E3D by the end. I wasn't able to log this because I've been so busy. I wanted to share my experience here because there are not a lot of female NPP logs out there. Overall I found NPP to be an incredible compound. The gains happened fast. My results were remarkable. My body changed right before my eyes. I was very impressed overall. Now I feel it's worth mentioning that this cycle was run immediately after recovering from breast augmentation surgery. My main goal was to gain back what I lost as quickly as possible. This was accomplished and then some. I lost a lot of size and strength in my weeks of recovery. Ideally in the future, I don't think I would choose to run NPP in the summer. It's definitely a bulking compound and the water retention is insane.

    Age 37
    Height 5'5"
    Starting weight: 125
    Ending weight: 138/140
    Current weight 3 weeks post cycle: about 135
    Body fat %: No clue
    I didn't take any measurements this time either.

    My sides were as follows:

    oily skin
    deepening of voice
    minor acne
    swollen lady parts/increased libido
    increased facial hair
    increased hunger
    water retention
    increased thirst

    I want to elaborate on each of these a little.

    So the oily skin was nothing different from any other compound. As a matter of fact, I believe var made my skin a bit oilier.

    The deepening of my voice came on super fast. I wanna say it happened by the end of the first week. With primo this was much more gradual. NPP I just woke up one day and sounded completely different. I was really insecure about it too but no one really said anything about it. I only had one person ask if I was sick.

    So the minor acne was not a huge issue for me on cycle, however I am struggling now with some post cycle acne which sucks. On cycle I only had a few pimples during the entire 8 weeks. I never had any on my back which was nice. Since my cycle ended, I have pimples popping up everywhere.

    Ok, so the swollen lady parts... Ugh it's a love/hate thing for me. With the swelling comes more sensitivity which is AMAZING!! Who wouldn't love that? This time the swelling was much worse than var or primo. I felt a little insecure about it and at times was very annoyed by it. Now the increased libido was incredible. Something could brush against my thigh and it was on. I'm sure my fiancé was worn out by the end of it. Especially since he was off cycle at the time. We plan to run our next one together. The orgasms were like nothing I've ever experienced. I swear that was the highlight of the whole cycle. Lady parts have still not returned to normal size. I'm about 3 weeks off cycle now and hope they do soon.

    Now since I ran primo, I bought this little lady shaver that I use on my upper lip and chin. I noticed that on the NPP I had a few more coarse thick hairs pop up on my chin. They are blonde and not very noticeable to anyone but me. I do have to use my little lady shaver much more often now. I plan to eventually have electrolysis done to permanently remove the hairs.

    As for the increased aggression, this shit was awful. Mostly in the beginning. I was a ticking time bomb. It wouldn't take much to set me off. I felt angry and annoyed by everything around me for the first 3 or 4 weeks. I had to keep reminding myself that it was the NPP and I had to reel it back in a lot so not to cause harm to my relationships. At times I considered dropping the cycle because of how strongly it was affecting my mood. This did eventually mellow out and I was able to control it more. The first few weeks were a rough road though.

    My appetite increased almost immediately. I wanted to eat everything in sight. I did not track a single macro throughout this cycle. Now I've been tracking macros for years now and know what I need to eat. I guess you could say this time I did more intuitive eating. Now I wasn't hyper strict either. If I wanted a cheeseburger, I fucking had one. If I wanted a cupcake, I had that too. I ate plenty of calories the entire time because my goal was to grow and grow I did.

    Last but not least, the water retention. This side was the worst of all of the sides I've ever experienced. Now I'm sure the gh had a lot to do with it too but damn. I have never in my life held so much water. My face felt swollen, my fingers looked like little sausages every morning when I woke up, I felt bloated the entire time. It literally got to the point that my eyelids looked swollen when I woke up. Like literally looked like I had been up all night crying. I had swollen bags under my eyes in the morning. It was rough. I was constantly chugging water trying to get some of the water off of me. If I slacked even for an hour on my water intake, my fingers would start swelling back up. I must have drank 2 + gallons of water a day the entire time. I did not take anything for this until the very end when I introduced dandelion root. I must say, I am not very impressed by this stuff. I didn't do a whole lot for me.

    Overall my thoughts on NPP

    NPP is definitely a very powerful compound. For a bulking cycle, you can't go wrong. My strength did not increase as much as I thought it would. Well, maybe that's not totally accurate. My upper body strength came back super fast but there are certainly some things that I have to go easy on since the breast augmentation. Like I no longer train chest at all. I can't comfortably do pullups anymore. Any exercise that works my lats tends to cause too much strain on the incision. I also hurt my lower back while moving and couldn't really test my strength on squats like I wanted to. I've had to go super easy lately which sucks. So maybe I would have experienced more strength gains if these other factors weren't in the way. My personal feelings on NPP are the cons kind of out weigh the pros. Now that is very much an individual decision. I can look at something as a con and the next person may think it's a pro. To each his own. Would I run NPP again? Probably not. The water retention and aggression were a little more than I could handle. That being said, I do still have a little bit left and certainly don't want it to go to waste. My next cycle will begin in Mid-October. My plan is another primo and var cycle but I believe I'm going to kick start it with the little bit of NPP I have left. Primo was such a fun compound to run. The gains come on slow and steady so I think the NPP will come in handy in the beginning because I am such an impatient person. Primo was amazing. My mood on primo was so good. I heard it referred to as a "feel good" compound and I have to agree with this. I just felt happy while running it. I love how hard it makes me look. It has to be my favorite so far. Now I have read that folks want to see more Anadrol cycles and I have considered this as a possibility in the future but I have found in my reading mixed views on this for females. I'll be honest, I'm not in a huge hurry to try every compound out there. I feel I've found what I like and what I'm comfortable with and I think I'm going to stick to these for now. Who knows what the future holds though.
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    Thanks Sadie, always enjoy talking your results with my girl. She said the part of not be able to train your chest will get better and you'll be fine. She says when she trains her chest they get bigger
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    I absolutely love training chest. I soooooooo hope I’ll be able to again.
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    ^ lol.
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    I cant believe your elbow is still bothering you! That sucks! Nice summary, good to see you back!
  6. It's because she didn't read and follow the directions in the article I gave her. ;)
  7. Great post, Sadie.
    BlueDress is almost done with another Var-Mast cycle , but was thinking of trying NPP next. She gets some bloating off the Var that bothers her a lot. Hearing about your NPP experience is making us think twice and maybe looking at trying something else - like maybe Anadrol next time... or just sticking with Var an Primo or Mast (Mast for shorter length at end of a run).
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    no hair loss problems with the mast? I'd be sacred of that with what it did to my hairline last time I ran it
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  9. No hair loss at all for her... which is a great thing because she has always had thin hair to begin with. Voice started getting scratchy and a little backne appeared but both got better after she stopped. Sweet spot for her is pinning 25mg/twice a week IM.
    She had a hysterectomy ten years ago and we’ve read that there’s some anecdotal evidence that women who have had that often don’t get as bad sides. For her that seems to hold true.
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    How much primo do you normally use?
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    That was a good read.. thanks..
    ask my wife if she’s ready for something..
    She’s ran 10mg of var and liked it.. now as far as doing primo she’ll have to get used to the shot if she’s gonna do something else..
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