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Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Victoria00, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Victoria00

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    Hey everyone! I posted a few weeks back asking if Anavar or anabol would be a better choice for muscle gain. I’ve decided to go with Anavar for now since I’m very acne prone. I’ll be taking a very small dosage of accutane while I’m on var and found that Anadrol wouldn’t be a good choice. Today is day one of taking Anavar at 5mg. My macros are as follows:

    170 carbs
    145 p
    45 f


    Height 62 inches
    Weight 130lbs

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  2. Kim

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    You look awesome! Excited to follow your log! :)
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  3. Iron Vett

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    Subbed to see the results. But @Victoria00 you may not see much in the way of results at 5mg per day of var but I commend you on starting low so as to see how you tolerate each different dose. When you reach 10mg a day you’ll begin to notice some nice changes after a few weeks. Good luck!!
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  4. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    Thank you!! I’m excited as well
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  5. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    I’m going to increase it to 10mg here in a few days. Thanks for the advice!
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  6. My wife loved her first var run and since then has been hooked. I do agree with the additional dosage but that is only because(I’m assuming) you have 5mg doses. Since it is your first run(I’m assuming again), I would start at 5mgs the first week and then 5mgs AM/5mgs PM.

    Is this run strictly for muscle gain and how long do you plan on running it?
  7. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    I’m competing in a show early next year. It’s strictly for muscle gain. I’ll do the 5mg this week and bump it up to 10 like you suggested.
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  8. Victoria00

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    Day 2

    I’ve decided to bump up the var to 10mg a day today lol. I was on Ostarine for a month before switching to Anavar and had very minimal side effects at 25mg.

    I did notice a few new pimples this morning but highly doubt that it could be the var working that fast? I’m not sure but I’m very acne prone. Didn’t really notice anything different at the gym probably because it’s too early and dosage very low. Hopefully new changes this week.
  9. Victoria00

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    Day 4

    Ever since I bumped up the var to 10mg I’m having a hard time sleeping at night. I’ve never had trouble sleeping like this. Hopefully it’s just my body getting used to it and I’ll adjust. For some reason, I’ve felt a little stronger at the gym today. It’s also a low carb day so I’m wondering if the var could be taking effect that fast? No other side effects besides the issue sleeping so far. But I’m feeling great! An overall good feeling.

    Current measurements
    Waist 27
    Hips 37
    Quad 18.3

    It’s going to be interesting how these measurements change when it’s closer to my show.
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  10. Iron Vett

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    uuhhhmmmm......I just noticed you left an important measurement out so that we can assess your progress using the “Brick House” standards.

    Like from the song by the Commodores. 36-24-36 what a winning hand

    i guess I just put my age out there front and center with this one lol.

    Jk really. You don’t have to put that measurement. But it is for research purposes....
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  11. Good luck on your prep

    @Human_backhoe get in here, for your wife to see the Var results for females.

    As for taking effect that fast, I find that orals hit me quickly, enough that if I take certain orals, preworkout I can an enhanced gym performance.
  12. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    Lol! Well my competition is in wellness so that’s why those measurements are listed. I overall want to see how big I can grow my legs while keeping my waist very small. And of course, glute size definitely matters as well :)
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  13. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    One other thing that I’ve noticed after posting my log for the day. I am feeling somewhat bloated. Today is a low carb day and I bumped up cardio so I’m not sure if that plays any factor.
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  14. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    Thank you! Yeah I’ve definitely noticed a change in today’s workout!
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  15. Human_backhoe

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    We are both already on it!

    Looking forward to seeing the results. She is quite excited as well
  16. Victoria00

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    Day 6

    Feeling a little bit stronger at the gym lately despite being on low carbs. I was feeling bloated after my second pill in the evening but realized I was stacking that with my new preworkout. That could be the cause of the bloating. No other side effects. I’ve also been taking high dosages of Pantothenic acid for about a month to help with acne. So far, my face has been very dry and no oily hair. Pore size has decreased with no new acne. I think this has really helped with some of the possible side effects with taking the Var.
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  17. Victoria00

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    Day 8

    Noticed that I’m feeling a little bit on edge a few times throughout the day. I’ve also been in a really good mood as well. It’s weird because I’m feeling a mix of both. My strength has definitely increased. I hit a new PR of 360x5 on the hack squat. Today was my low carb day and I had the strength and energy to knock that out. I’m also sweating like crazy! I’ve never sweat so much before from lifting! So yeah! So far so good! I think I’m going to bump it up to 15mg in a few days. Posting new progress pics tomorrow!
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  18. Victoria00

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    Day 9

    Ended up buying some new Anavar and received it yesterday. I was always bloated so I purchased them from a reputable source this time around to ensure it wasn’t anything else.

    Current stats

    Waist: 26.6
    Hips: 36.5
    Quad: 18.5
    Weight: 128

    Measurements went down for this week. I’ll start clen here pretty soon and thought about HGH as well. We’ll see.

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  19. Victoria00

    Victoria00 Member

    Current training split

    Day 1 - Glute Activation + Hamstring/Calves
    Day 2 - Chest, Front/Side Delt, Triceps
    Day 3 - Rest/Cardio/Abs
    Day 4 - Heavy + Intense Quads / Glute Finishers / Calves
    Day 5 - Back, Rear Delt, Biceps
    Day 6 - Glute Activation + Light Quad/Hams (Cable Pin Loded Machines, Leg Curl, Leg Extensions Ect)
    Day 7 - REST/ Makeup Cardio
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  20. Victoria00

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    Noted side effects for acne.. I have five new pimples that appeared today. Kind of hesitant about increasing dosage but we’ll see if it goes away in a few days.
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