My first Anavar log

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Victoria00, Dec 6, 2019.

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    @jaymaximus If you want to chat, please express your opinion on Life and what life you consider precious here: Death
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    Then why the fuck did u even show your face here u little prick?
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    Oh, just saw @Victoria00 pics on 1st page of thread. That's why you're here. She's attractive and you know you never stand a chance and therefore you feel the need to be a prick instead.

    Grats bro, you're winning at life.

    Hey I'm brash with my responses so I dont have to waste of bunch of time going back and forth with little pricks like you.
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    No one wants to see you troll every single thread. My god, you have no life. Go away, you live to argue and make yourself look stupid.
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    I am not trolling, what is trolling about it? You guys don't understand what a troll is even and misuse the term profusely.
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    Webster’s definition of an Internet troll. Entry 2 - 2a, 2b and entry 3 - 2. If the shoes fits... And if you consider your comments to not be offensive, know that others do consider them offensive. Just ask op what she thinks. Therefore you fit the definition buddy.

    Definition of troll
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    : a dwarf or giant in Scandinavian folklore inhabiting caves or hills

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    Everybody is a troll if that is the case. You are trolling me right now...

    I consider a troll somebody who is baiting or engaging other people just to make them upset. That being the main point of their conversation.

    My main point is most the time the subject at hand, while addressing the subject at hand I am perhaps maybe a bit noxious. However, I am addressing the issue. I tried talking bodybuilding with her and she doesn't know shit about it nor does she care to learn. I already knew this before I posted in this thread but I gave her the benefit of the doubt.

    Here the issue is a girl that has low self-esteem and a bunch of men that are starving to give her that attention. It's actually a pretty disgusting relationship you guys are entangled in.

    You guys don't see her as an equal that's why you guys are defending her like you wouldn't have done other new male members. Especially if they came across as the OP did here.

    I would argue that I am treating her with much more respect than you guys are. I am talking to her as an equal. If she gives me stupid answers I will call it out. You guys sugarcoat to later come around dogging her for pictures or attention.

    @Iron Vett Have I told you what extraordinary chest development you have? Outstanding brother! You are living proof that age is nothing but a number. I bet you tell yourself that every day huh?
    "I look better than all these 20 year olds" ;)
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    Its a log, you moron.

    Because you don't question and accuse men like you do women. I think you feel superior to women.

    Respect? Ok fruitcake.
  9. Sworder

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    What do you mean by that?

    Superior how? Intelligence? Strength?

    Am too nutty for you? :)
  10. Noah86

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    @Victoria00 Please continue with your log, it does become informative and insightful for certain members, as well as a tool for you to receive constructive criticism to aid you in your competition.

    Unfortunately members such as @Sworder as much as he may not admit it, feed off of others emotional reactions to his comments, which in turn trigger some sort of analysis he attempts to perform. He will continue to simply “reply” to members outburst to in some sense get a “read” off of them.
    Yes he states your pose could use some work because of the angle you took it, but the way he sarcastically and condescendly comes across with stating it becomes unwarranted.

    Either which way, your best bet is to click on his name and click the ignore button.

    As for any other replies to him from other members I would just stop replying to Sworders posts on her log simply because it gives him something to feed off and unfortunately continue to interrupt your postings of progress and actual seek for positive constructive criticism.

    Finally, Sworder I know you feel the absolute need to respond something witty back to my post but please just PM if you really need to justify some type of response for yourself instead of continuing to interrupt the log.
  11. Sworder

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    At this point who is interrupting the log? You guys or me?

    Also, Noah I thought a lot higher of you previously. I didn't know you had to sink to the same level as the other guys here white knighting because they think OP can't take care of herself. Talking poses? Where was that? Ah mainly ass and added a front pose so it wasn't ALL ass...

    It is funny because you guys think you are "helping" but you are disrespecting her. You are basically saying that she can't stick up for herself and that's why 10 men have to come to a thread that I left.

    You know in the animal kingdom the worst thing you can do?
    Help an animal.
    Feed it. Why?
    Because you are making that animal rely on you for food/protection/support. You are robbing the animal of skills they would develop naturally and then they will never get those skills.

    That's exactly what you guys are doing here, and she has probably been treated this way her whole life so she will fall into the role. Christ she had to post tons of ass pics just to get your guys' attention. Meso is sink or swim, these people don't last long here.

    The only reason Kim is around is because she has nestled herself with the circlejerk group and they are feeding her the same exact thing.

    I was done with OP back here: My first Anavar log

    I even deflected Jay's post to one of my threads but you guys can't get a hint even though it was pretty crystal clear what I meant.
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    Sigh....So you feel that I posted my back progress pics for attention? You do know that the pics I post on here are ones that I send to my coach, right? When I take pictures from that angle, it’s supposed to show the judges point of view. Main focus is the hamstring tie in...And yes lol I’m working on fixing my back pose.

    If you’ve ever competed or prepped women for shows, you would’ve known this. I’ve already done a few shows naturally, so you don’t have a right to say I don’t know what I’m doing. The tone in all your posts is just aggressive for no reason at all. And to take it out on a complete stranger that you know nothing about speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Something triggered you about my post.

    Anyways I’m excited to keep posting on here and share my progress with everyone. And record what type of transformations happen to my body while taking Var before my show date. Notice how I said progress! I’m getting results from my hard training, diet and the Var!
  13. Kim

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    I’m glad the new var is working! I look forward to more posts and progress results! Keep up the amazing work!:)
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    The progress is coming along nicely. Please don’t let @Sworder deter you from sharing your experience with the community. Just use the ignore button and carry on ;)
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    Thanks Kim :) I’m definitely motivated to do so!!
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  16. Victoria00

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    Lol he definitely doesn’t bother me at all...I find it more entertaining than anything. I’ll continue to post my progress from here. Thanks to everyone for your positive comments :)
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    Hey @Sworder why can’t you stop this trolling spree of yours right now? If you going to troll don’t do it in any members’ logs as you end up looking real stupid.

    Sorry this little troll messed in your log @Victoria00 but he will be dealt with in short order by the community.
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    I will tell you a story. I have three cats. One of the nights this past summer I was sleeping and I guess my oldest Calisto brought in a gopher and had put him in the bed. I woke up from the little gopher doing a threat pose and jumping up and down towards me as if to scare me off. That's what this reminds me of.
    Anyway, I love animals but believe in survival of the fittest. The gopher got flushed down the toilet.
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    Lol awww that’s so cute :)
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  20. Victoria00

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    It’s all good! I’ll be posting new results today! Thanks again :)
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