My first Anavar log

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    Day 13

    Macros- Currently carb cycling


    20min x 2 of HIIT on stairmaster
    20min x 3 SS cardio

    Workout for today...usually 4x10reps

    Seated DB Shoulder Press
    Low cable row
    Lat Pulldown
    Narrow grip cable pulldown
    Side lat cable raise
    DB Front Raise
    Machine Shoulder Press

    Side effects:
    -Increased acne on back and chest. Managed to control the ones on my face
    -Feeling on edge and just moody. Snapped back at a few people when that’s not typically me.
    -Sensitive clit and libido is very high
    -Strength is still going up. I can do way more reps now without getting tired as easily. I also feel strong during my low carb days!
    -Sweating increased! I’m drenched with sweat when finished lifting.

    Despite the side effects, I’m going to increase to 15mg to see how my body will handle it starting Friday.
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  2. For the acne. Couldn't hurt to try and not much to lose if it doesn't work.

    Guys for acne i recommend goat milk with turmeric soap
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    Why are you eating so many carbs if you are wanting to lose weight and build muscle? Why carb cycle?

    Are you planning on taking an AI? How much?

    You are on steroids, why would you create a boundary for yourself with such a pitiful amount of sets/reps? Are you a mouse or a beast?
    I don't mean to pick on you but when you say lateral, lateral means to the side. So either side raises or lateral raises.
    Do you like doing all these exercises? What is your focus when you are pumping out reps? Muscle connection or just banging out reps?

    Lat pulldown is very difficult for most people do get a good connection with, describe your form when you do it.

    What routines do you have regarding acne related hygiene before bed time? Might want to establish something like sleeping on clean beach towels, fresh towels for your face. Making sure you don't use tons of make up.
    Totally noticed this! You were out of line and snapped at me for no reason! It's okay though, I understand hormones and women ;)

    "Hmm, should I put the clit/libido in the beginning of the side effects or in the end? Well.. It's too obvious if I put it as like the first thing, maybe I should put it in the middle...
    But then again I don't have anything to really say besides my clit. It's okay I will make other things up and throw the clit comment in the middle of the list. Nobody will even notice it sandwiched between everything else."

    The reason for the increased endurance is the sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, fancy word for saying you get a bunch of carbs stored in your muscles. You should have gained a couple pounds of weight by now and it goes inside your muscle cells so your bellies should look fuller. How much weight have you increased?

    Are you bringing anything with you to the gym to wipe off your sweaty body to avoid acne? Bringing a clean bra and t-shirt to put on so you are not letting all those bacteria grow?

    Nice! Impatient, you have increased the dose twice in 13 days. You will fit in with the rest of the guys here.

    *Regarding your photos, it looks like chest is your biggest weakness, can't even see your shoulders, arms can't see a clear picture, they might have some muscle but they look soft? Calves need work if anything on lower half, easy on the glutes and thighs, they are big already.
    You have pretty decent back development. Focus more on your upper body and calves if anything on lower body.
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    It's not about handling, it's about choosing what is best. But okay, you are currently cutting, typically a person will either cut or bulk. You can't do both at the same time unless you are on some powerful AAS like trenbolone.

    Also, if you are currently cutting why would you even start the Anavar right now? AAS are great tools for building muscle, for burning fat you don't need any drug as they will have a minimal effect. clen is crap, it's basically just speeding up your heart making it tougher for your body to work. That's not how you want to lose weight...

    You keep avoiding my AI question, here is the thing. You obviously have a lot of estrogen, estrogen binds water. If you take an AI that will tank your estrogen you will lose a good 5-6 pounds of SubQ water, that water will come from inside your fat cells so "looks-wise" it's the same as losing 5-6 lbs of fat. If you have never taken an AI precontest before, it would be smart to start early before your contest so you have time to adjust for how much more BF you will need to lose. Or maybe you don't need to lose that much BF. I didn't read your target weight?

    Why aren't you doing that now then?! Beast mode!

    I don't either, we are all learning right. Now you learned something.

    I don't like your coach, do you get instructions from him/her written? Can you post your coach's plan?

    Yeah, you can post videos here. I would like to see you do a lat pulldown!

    Dawn dish soap is kind of legendary in the bb world for helping to clear up acne. If you shower twice a day using it, along with the clean beach towels on both your pillow case AND a beach towel for your body every night. You shouldn't be getting many spots.


    No matter what your intention is. This forum is full of men that are bursting with hormones and sex drive. If you put that image in their head you might get viewed in the incorrect light. Just saying, you do you.

    Ah okay, losing weight currently. So you are at 126 lbs now? What's your TDEE?

    Are you bringing anything with you to the gym to wipe off your sweaty body to avoid acne? Bringing a clean bra and t-shirt to put on so you are not letting all those bacteria grow?

    Ok so acne is okay right now? Under control?

    What is your purpose of creating this thread? What do you want help with? It honestly doesn't sound you are looking for advice regarding something?
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    Good! You shouldn't mess with your heart. The amount of extra calories you burn from clen is minuscule and many times the side effects from clen make it harder to lose weight.

    Everybody has an opinion about how to work out but I will say this. When you take AAS you can do a lot more than you think and I personally don't believe in predetermined sets and reps. Rep ranges are great to follow but your growth is going to be contributing to strength increases and as you noticed more endurance.

    Okay, do you want feedback on what your coach is telling you to do or do you just want to listen to your coach 100%. It can become messy taking advice from two different places. What do you think your weaknesses are?

    That would be interesting!

    Dawn should solve all your back acne problems. It is really that good. Also, get a back scrubber, you need to scrub your back and chest. Or a luffa but you may not be able to reach around and get all of your back? Also, bleach whatever you use every now and then so it isn't a bacteria fest.

    How long before the bikini contest did you start your prep and what weight were you starting? If you could provide detailed information on that, it would probably help members reading. And also give more background info on how you do things.

    Vitals and labs would be nice to see.

    I think posing and flexing is one of the most underrated things in bodybuilding. It will help you get a better contraction too during lifts. Practice flexing every single muscle in the mirror at home. What most people have problems with is rolling their traps forward and flexing their lats. Definitely practice that if you haven't already. Posing is huge, that's how you present yourself on stage and communicate your energy!

    Do all the body builder poses as well. F/B Double biceps, side chest, lats spread. Flex flex flex.

    When is the next competition again?
    [T]UDCA is a nice supplement to use alongside orals. There is support showing it helps the liver. Far superior to milk thistle in that aspect.

    I will write more later tonight or if somebody else wants to chime in.
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    *Regarding your photos, it looks like chest is your biggest weakness, can't even see your shoulders, arms can't see a clear picture, they might have some muscle but they look soft? Calves need work if anything on lower half, easy on the glutes and thighs, they are big already.
    You have pretty decent back development. Focus more on your upper body and calves if anything on lower body

    So you think I should take at easy on the glutes and thighs? This new division requires more mass for the legs and glutes than bikini. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve been working legs so much. Also, I look soft on my upper body because I tend to hold the most fat there until the very end of my prep. It sucks but it definitely takes the longest out of any body part.

    Yes! I’ve been lacking on chest and calves. There is very minimal work for chest in my plan. I’ll have to incorporate more calve exercises during my leg day.
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    Huh... The deltoid has 3 heads. Anterior/medial/posterior. The latter being what's considered a "rear delt" time to re open your anatomy books.
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    Ah okay. How do I make my rear delts grow?
  12. Domino23

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    As I'm sure you already know it's a very small muscle thats difficult to isolate. It's a secondary mover in most rowing exercises. Rear flys and reverse cable flys are capable of some isolation but it requires advanced mind muscle connection and scapular retraction. Same story for bent over dumbell raises. Now can you get to your point?
  13. Sworder

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    Secondary mover? I have never heard that term before.

    Advanced mind muscle connection and scapular retraction? Oh wow!

    Bent over dumbbell raises? So when you bend over, is that when you activate the rear delts?

    My point? Well, you called me out about the rear delts and now I am asking you about it. Phew so aggressive!! :p
  14. Domino23

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    Not being aggressive, your obvious sarcasm suggests that you have some sort of point to make. I would like to hear one.. Your talking to OP like a know-it-all yet you cant make a simple rebutal without parroting what I'm saying and adding in sarcasm..
    Also, not sure why you keep reccomending an AI. Never seen that used or needed by a woman.
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    I am asking you about rear delts. How do you activate them? By bending over? You are correcting me so can't you be clear in what you are saying?

    What's the secondary mover you are talking about? Scapular retraction? A fancy way to say pull your shoulder blades back... So what do you mean with that? Or did you just think it would be fitting to throw that out there?

    Regarding the AI, are you supposed to know a lot about BB or should it surprise me that you have no clue about it?
  16. Domino23

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    I corrected your original point.. Which was that there is no rear delt.. Can you explain how you came to this conclusion?
  17. B Ware

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    He’s just trolling. He doesn’t even lift. He admits he just does yoga. He could care less about the rear delt. Lmao. In the food thread he post his meals which consist of 3 shakes and a nasty goulash of sorts. I imagine he likes peeing out his ass. He openly admits that he’s had cum drip from his ass and I’m sure that’s why his meals look like they do. It brings that dripping feeling back. Look at his post history, he’s the last guy anyone should take seriously
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    The rear delt function is to move the humerus back. You active them by pulling back in shorter range of motion. Using reverse fly movements. (45 degrees). And no bending over does not activate the rear delt. Bending over helps put the arms into proper position to pull the humerus backwards.
    Now can you explain how there is no rear delt. I am fascinated to understand how that could be possible
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    You make me laugh :)
  20. B Ware

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    I missed you too :D
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