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Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Victoria00, Dec 6, 2019.

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    It's part of a muscle if you think you can activate individual heads by doing stupid shit then you are fucking dumb. Anybody that says they are doing "rear delts" are newbies in BB world. It's the same when people write out their meal plan:
    1. meal one 10:am 1 cup of brown rice 2 cups broccoli etc

    I don't expect you to understand it. It's funny hearing you talk about the rear deltoid like that though. Do you believe you can activate the individual heads on the bicep and triceps as well? What about the quads?

    There are tons of muscle inserts that go into the humerus. The deltoid is one of them. Googling for 10 seconds to try to say something about the humerus isn't going to impress me.

    If you want to learn about the AI, I wrote exactly why it is used. Diuretics aren't used by BB and if you use them that means you are an idiot. You use any type of AI to get the last bit of water out of the body pre-contest.

    You still didn't say what you meant by "secondary mover" what is a primary mover?:D Keep going if you want.
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    The thing is you put that I do yoga as if that's the greatest sin ever. You really crack me up!
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    Dude she's like 15 weeks away from competition. Why the fuck would she want to get the last bit of water out now.
    And yes it's absolutely possible to emphasize different areas of a muscle through exercise manipulation. By your logic a lateral raise is going to cause the same amount of hypertrophy to the anterior delt as it would to the medial.
    BTW you still haven't answered the original question. How does a rear delt not exist?
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    See man, I actually like this version of @Sworder, I actually do believe unlike others you do have a good amount of knowledge and positive advise when you aren’t talking in parables and causing others to meltdown themselves in their emotional distress. You actually have good insight.
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    I don't give a flying fuck what you like or don't like.
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    And neither does 99%of meso with you either. This was supposed to be a log for Victoria, but you turned it into Sworders debate and prove I'm right thread.
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    You make me laugh, I like this version too, good old @Sworder, offensive but knowledgeable and insightful. Best of both worlds
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    Here is a challenge for you. Why did I respond the way I did to your message? What about your personality do I find disgusting?
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    Most likely my adaptation to different ways you have posted weather it’s me liking a post because I actually thought the info you provided was helpful or me stating that what you say comes across the wrong way which you to some degree enjoy to see the reactions of others members.
    My personality can’t be dictated completely by a few posts that may reflect opposing views of my likes and dislikes.
    Although I do honestly believe you do possess the ability to analyze people’s posts by a specific term or verbiage they utilize.

    Same way like you said yourself weather a male states “beats his wife” versus “hits his wife” there will always be reasoning behind why a person chose to articulate their sentence or not.

    Either which way, I know you love the analysis of members, and I do find it intriguing even if it’s on myself. You ultimately mean no harm I believe but def come across a totally different way
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    Nope :)

    It's because you see yourself as better than other people. Can't stand that!

    You give your opinion because you think you are so special. That's why you graced me with a compliment. Because you think your opinion matters. Well I mean you were basically giving me approval... Do you need my approval for anything? No right? :p
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    Everyone gives their opinion on any forum, weather or not it signifies your empowered by thinking you have more knowledge than another member is up to you. Perhaps you feel this way about yourself and why you mention it.
    Yea I did give you a compliment, and would enjoy your approval, who wouldn’t. To be liked by the mighty @Sworder it would be like you said, being “graced” by someone more empowering
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    I'm training rear delts and intercostals today. Where are those again?
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    P.S. we should probably stop clogging up this poor girls log.
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    That's where you are wrong. Not everybody gives their opinion on forums, there are tons of lurkers and non-members reading.

    That's tomorrow! Today is the the top two abs and inner bicep head!
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    Yes, that's a very tall order. I would like to see what your coach has planned for you.
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    Welcome @Victoria00.

    AAS related acne tends to worsen as your hormone levels change. Using the same dosage of Anavar each day should help to get it under control.

    Since you are prone to acne you will likely have another brief spike after your show after coming off the anavar.

    I've trained and/or programmed many female powerlifters over the years and definitely have a good idea what works and what doesn't in that arena not nearly as familiar with programming for a wellness competition.

    Beware of those posting advice who aren't willing to post their own programming or pictures.
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    Hey Masters! I’ve been using the same dosage until yesterday. I bumped it up to 15mg. My plan is to keep it at that dosage until the end of my prep. You seem very knowledgeable and I really appreciate your advice!
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    Day 16

    I bumped up the Anavar to 15mg a day last night. That’s the most I think I’ll take for the remaining of this prep. There are no new side effects within the last few days. I do feel very sore from training heavier than ever and will take two days off now instead of one.
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