My first Anavar log

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Victoria00, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Human_backhoe

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    Jesus fucking Christ. What the fuck happened here? Wife and I checking in on your progress after a few days....

    Glad you are making progress!

    I'm personality running Var I right now too and feel amazing. Wife is curious about mood and general well being?
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    Pot calling the kettle black?! Did you really just accuse someone else of thinking they are better than someone else? That is hilarious. I really hope you can see the irony in what your are posting. Classic reflection.
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    Logan, you have a pea brain.

    There is a great difference between having a general assumption thinking you are better than other people and believing you are smarter than other individuals.

    I strongly believe I am much more intelligent than you, yes. There are other members here that I believe are more intelligent than me too! I judge things on a individual basis. I have multiple reasons to why I strongly believe I am much more intelligent than you.

    I am not going to respond to you if you cannot elevate your level of thinking. I am starting to get sick and tired of having to fall down to your level or retardation when I express myself.
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    You are right and also he was the one that created that thread so why is he even responding to me here? Like I said... Pea brain! @Logan44551 breathes with his mouth open too! :p
  5. Average intellect @Sworder

    Calling someone else stupid or pea brained is the ultimate in hypocritical.

    @Human_backhoe , what happened here is....
    Sworder is pretending to be helpful again.
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    This is a mind fuck. Now I’m questioning how I breath and is it the wrong way? Hmm
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    Dammit @Sworder why oh why you still come in here to post so much nonsense? Why couldn’t you post your gems in your very own thread??!!!???
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    @MindlessWork why are you here?

    @MindlessWork Stop posting here man!

    @MindlessWork C'mon dude stop posting here..
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    I love your workout schedule. One thing I would do is add another calf day (calves) and abs on day 6.
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  10. leggodess

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    You will love the bigger strength gains and muscle pumps with 15mg. Due to this being your first cycle of ANAVAR, do not go past 20mg per day. In later cycles you can go higher dosages. It all depends on your body chemistry and what side's your willing to tolerate.

    I have done cycles and many compounds. It will get better in time.

    Add in a lot more DROPSETS into each exercise.

    Your doing very good. Your very inspirational and a successful winner. Keep up the amazing work.
  11. Victoria00

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    I actually feel way better than I normally do since I’ve started taking it....but do notice I’m very quick to anger lately. Sometimes I feel a little on edge too but nothing major.
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  12. Victoria00

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    Thank you so much for the good advice! I plan on staying at 15mg throughout the entire duration. I’ll work my way up to 20mg during my second cycle and actually thinking about adding in HGH. I’ve done some research on it and heard some great things! I’ve also added in more calves to my workout routine!
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  13. Victoria00

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    Posted current progress pic. I’ve only worked out a few days this week due to pulling a muscle in my back. Feeling much better today.

    Weight 127
    Waist 26.7
    Hips 37
    Quads 18.5

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  14. leggodess

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    You will see nice results with hgh. It depends on your body chemistry and your dosages. For me HGH takes time to show it's self or notice it working. Time is your friend
  15. leggodess

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    I can see your calf muscle and some abs, Your quad wanting to pop out and show it's self.

    Still take it easy on your back for another 1-2 weeks, do not re-injure yourself.

    What are your measurement for calves, chest/back, shoulders, biceps/triceps?
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  16. Human_backhoe

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    My wife is on HGH 1.5iu a day. the results take time but well worth it in our anecdotal opinion. Better mood as a bonus. Crazy vascular on her abs now too! Took a few months, but also a small increase in macros at the same time so seems to be working.
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    After these progress pics, my coach is increasing cardio for the week. I’m not sure if I can rest for that long though being that I’m about 8 weeks out. Worst case is pushing my show further out by another month. I’ll start adding those measurements to my stats.
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  18. leggodess

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    After this show I would focus on a good long huge bulk and grow alot more muscle size.

    If your willing to try, 2-4 weeks before your show try TRENBOLONE ACE 10mg every other day or every 2days. Will help you lean out more and burn more fat while keeping your strength up. This is one trick I have my clients do and they make better progress for show day.
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  19. leggodess

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    When is your show? How many weeks till your show?