My first Anavar log

Discussion in 'Women and Steroids' started by Victoria00, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Victoria00

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    Just posting a random pic today from the gym. I definitely feel like my muscles are much fuller and harder now. I’m looking pretty solid and happy with the results so far:)

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  2. Human_backhoe

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    Keep pushing ! You got this!
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  3. Kim

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    Love the pic! Keep it up girl!
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  4. Victoria00

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    Giving it my best! Thank you!
  5. Victoria00

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    Thanks girl! I am!! :)
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  6. leggodess

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    You got this. Your quads looking very good. Happy to hear that your feeling more solid.
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  7. Victoria00

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    Thank you! Can’t wait to start seeing more results after this conditioning :)
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  8. Savagesteve

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    Quadz for days! Looking great!
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  9. Victoria00

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    Thank you!!
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    Looking good! No homo?
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  11. Btcowboy

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    That was my first impression... damn fine quads.
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  12. Victoria00

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    Haha no homo! Thanks a lot!
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  13. Victoria00

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    Day 22

    Dropping the Var down to 10mg instead of the 15mg that I’m currently taking. I’ve developed a sore throat and my voice is a little off because of this. If it doesn’t improve, I may need to drop it completely or go down to 5mg.
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  14. leggodess

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    The voice thing is very understandable.
    10mg is a low dosage. You will be ok. Still follow your heart, your goals. All of your close followers has your back.

    I still encourage you to stay on cycle till your competition day to 3 weeks before your competition. I use to be the same way when I first started till my coach and another female bodybuilder encourage me to stick to the cycle plan.
  15. Sworder

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    Her voice is deepening and she doesn't want that side effect therefore she is lowering the dose and I would encourage her to stop the Anavar completely. That's my two cents :)

    What makes you say this? What stats are you expecting her to have on competition day?

    We all have different goals and hers might not be in line with yours :)
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  16. leggodess

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    Love your reply :)
    She had sides from sarms. Knowing this she decided on her own to jump on ANAVAR.

    As long as she stays below 20mg per day she is good. (Jumping from 5mg to 15mg on week 2 is a factor). She has good goals goals after this cycle. 10mg is best for now.
    *Everyone has different body chemistry.

    Most likely in time her voice will return back to how it was. This cycle is a short cycle.

    *The biggest thing she need to keep an eye on is her blood work. Not enough people keep an eye on there blood work. Getting blood work done (for organ funtion, cholesterol, etc.) 2-3 times a year from 2-3 different Dr's is a good idea.

    Take a good organ support (liver support) like MILK THISTLE , 100% grapefruit juice, fresh GARLIC, etc,.

    Don't forget that she is in a cut, negative side effects can happen faster then in a proper bulk. Also her daily water intake is a factor, less water in the body, the less diluted the compound is. It's very important to drink at least 1 gallon of water every day.

    Don't forget her huge muscle goals planned after her competition. (Leg gains planed).
  17. Victoria00

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    Day 24

    Todays workout

    Leg press 4x20
    Good Morning 3x12
    Single leg split squat 3x12
    Single leg curl machine 3x10
    Goblet squat 4x15
    Leg extension 4x20
    BB hip thrust 4x15
    Seated calf raise 3x12

    I usually go above the recommended reps per exercise until failure. Since I’ve lowered the dosage to 10mg, I haven’t really noticed any changes. It’s too soon to say anything I think.

    Today’s check-ins were a little weird. I’ve gained an extra two pounds but my measurements went down?


    Weight 129
    Hip 36.5
    Quad 18.3
    Waist 26.4
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  18. Sworder

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    Best? That's such a relevant term to use, what is best for me? What is best for you? And can we even look at that objectively?! :O

    Oh really, tell me more about this. If I take cyanide, I most certainly will die. Are you telling me that your "body chemistry" won't work the same way? That's so strange!! I didn't know!

    Ah, is that how it work? It always goes back? I wonder what those women with deep voices use as an excuse? Well, depends on goals right? Who am I to judge?

    I strongly disagree, blood work is only going to tell you after the fact. Be preventative and focus on DIET and Mental health.

    *Cough cough* Did you say milk thistle? *funny teenage girl laugh that turns into a snorting sound which then makes me laugh even harder so I get snot coming out of my nose*

    The water thing? Why does everybody say that? You get plenty of water from other foods including soda even. All liquids that we drink are suspended in good 'ol O, H 2 O.

    I didn't see the plan honestly, I am not too crazy about the whole thing I would change everything :D Again, just my two little cents.

    Thank you for your response and taking the time to read my message.
  19. Sworder

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    Are you getting sore after each work out?
  20. Victoria00

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    Yes I am! At the end of this routine, I’m exhausted and it’s pretty hard for me to get any type of cardio finished afterwards.
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