My PCT after 8 weeks sust and anavar cycle (1st cycle)

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    Hi ALL,

    I decided to finish my cycle at 8 weeks.

    I am 32, 92kg, 181 cm.

    The reasons are that is my first cycle and I am already happy of the results so far (+13kgs). Also, as it my first cycle I would like to keep it short in order to recover more quickly (and in time for my holiday!). Considering that I used a test mix, I will wait 18 days before commencing pct.

    So ,after having read loads of articles and asked for people advice's, I will do the following:

    1 week total break,
    hcg 500ius e 4 days up until 7 days before PCT

    Weeks 1-2 nolva 40mg ed
    Weeks 3-4 Nolva 20mg ed
    Weeks 5-6 Nolva 10mg ed

    Do you agree with the above?

    Also ,please do not start to argue!! Thanks Guys!
  2. Evom1

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    First thing that jumps out at me is fix your hcg

    Do 2,000iu every other day for 10 days before pct
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  3. jumpyfrog

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    Thanks for the input buddy.

    However it seems a lot the dosage proposed; if i’m not wrong it’s the same dosage that Rich Piana was using.

    Don’t you think that i should lower that dose considering that i took 500iu per week of hcg during cycle and it only lasted 4 weeks?
  4. jumpyfrog

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    Also, should i do a hormone test after 18 or 21 days from last pin?
  5. Evom1

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    Rich I believe said 5,000iu Ed or it may have been eod

    No, you should do hcg the standard way. Follow Dr Scally Power pct
  6. How much sust were you running and do you know how much of each ester it contained? May want to go a little longer before starting pct depending on dose. If you haven't plug it in to roid calculator.