My results w/tren.....Good and bad.

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by demarco, Aug 29, 2004.

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    demarco Junior Member

    Just completed my first cycle using tren at 500mg week and test at 1000mg a week plus adex. I've used high doses of test before so I know what to expect with test, this was my first time using tren ace. Well first for the good news, I guess you could consider this a cutter/lean mass cycle because I watched my diet and was not trying to bulk. Any cycle can be a cutter if you watch what you eat. After 7 weeks on this cycle I went from 255 to 245 but looked much better and bigger!! People kept telling me how much bigger I've gotten and it would shock me because I was not builking. My belt size went down two notches but my chest stayed the same( 50inches) I looked awesome with my shirt off got lots of looks at the pool. Strenght went up greatly from 315on incline for 4 reps to 365 for 8 reps!! It was the best I've ever looked on a aas cycle. What was even more amazeing was that I would eat like a pig on the weekends and did not put on any fat at all!! Tren is like no other aas.
    Well now for the bad side of tren, my vision got blurrie at about the 5th week so I went and got my bp checked and it was 185 over 127 which is VERY high, the nurse was freaking out but I knew what was causeing it so it did not bother me to much, I would only be running the tren for a few more weeks. I was sweating all the time, just sitting at my desk typing and I would be sucked. If I did any thing other than laying down I would sweat like a hogg. I was run down all the time. After I got up in the mourning I would nap two hours later. I missed lots of work-out because I was too tired. I had nose bleeds, anger problems and muscle cramps. On some injects I would cough so bad I thought I would cough up a lung.
    Was the gains worth the side effects? I would have to say no unless you were going on stage or had a important date to be in shape by. Would I use it again, I do not think so the sides were a little bit to much for me. I think you can get the same results with other aas without the sides.
    On second thought, I might use it again... the gains were nothing short of amazeing!!!
    Tren is a very powerful drug so use it with caution. By the way after I dropped the tren everything went back to normal even while still on the test.

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    spound Junior Member

    Interesting...I have had some pretty good gains on tren as well (using it for first time right now) but the gains are quite as good as yours yet, but I have had almost none of the sides. Just a little warm all the time, very irritable and have headaches at night, so I would say you have to try fina to see how it effects you.
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    juicecravin Junior Member

    hey bro, didnt you use too much for a first timer? I always thought people started with 50/day or 75/ were really close to 75mg ED, maybe give it one more shot using less.

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    micro Junior Member

    Try tren Enanthate next time, the sides arent as bad as the acetate and the results are the same.
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    demarco Junior Member

    Yeah I thought about that too. I may have over did it with the tren ace for a first timer. In fact I started with 75mg eod and liked the results so I bumped it up to 75mg ed for 6 days out of the week and 50mg 1 day of the week. Was thinking about tren enthan on my winter bulk cycle.

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    odc Junior Member

    I'm getting ready for a prop/fina cycle. 100mg prop and 50mg fina ed, respectfully. This will be my first time with tren also...a bit apprehensive about the sides though. Sounds like I better cayyr a sweat towel with me. LOL!
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    athlete0185 Junior Member

    i just got done with my tren/test cycle and i had some quality gains. dropped a few perecnts in bf and gained a solid 10 pounds. i couldnt care less about the weight gain but i got strong as fuck. i love tren but i got horrible acne all over my upper chest and shoulders. not like huge zits but they were more like sweat bumps. i also got really impatient on it and i was ready to throw down at any time but no one was about to fuck with me cause i got fucking huge. pct starts tomorrow...wish me luck!
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    Beefster Junior Member

    I was running a prop/tren cutter @ 100/75 ED. Ended up dropping the tren after about 5-weeks due to being down, lack of sleep and overall feeling like shitz. Bounced right back after discontinuing the tren. I doubt I will ever do it again.

    Just my 2-cents.
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    Pup'nIrn Junior Member

    TOOO MUCH GEAR!!!! If this was your first, second or even third cycle, it was too much. Save those cycles for when your body stop reacting to the weaker ones. BP up.....ahhh yes!! 1000mgtest will pretty much guarentee high bp if you are prone to hypertension. This could have been minimized with some anti-estrogens to keep water weight down but I didn't see those mentioned. Take care of yourself bro, when you have stroke in the gym it will be too late. Pup
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    Silverback Junior Member

    He said he too adex--
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    demarco Junior Member

    Yeah I did use adex with this cycle, I would never use that much test without an anti-e. I also think that the adex helped me achive the contest look because at 1000mg test per week I did not hold any water at all. This is about my 10th cycle in five years.

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    Pup'nIrn Junior Member

    Ooops! I see the adex now. I will tell you that I have never had bp prblem with tren and test. Although my cycles don't consist of 1000mg/wk of test. I usually use multiple types of gear in smaller amounts with better results. Next time try lowering the test to 500mg and run it with tren 75mg/day, winny 50mg/day oral and eq 400mg/wk. I used this before my last contest. Very good combo with no noticable sides for me. Pup
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    Infinity Junior Member

    I'll NEVER touch tren again...PERIOD. The sides were wayyyyy too harsh. Insomnia, irritibility, feeling like walking death, no motivation (even with the aggression, go figure). I tried it every way possible: 75mgs E/O/D, 75mgs ED, and even went down to 37.5mgs ED. Sides were the same no matter which way i used it and the sides seemed to kick in faster than the drugs positive results. No more Tren in my cycles from now on. Even Dan Duchaine said Tren is the WORST AAS as far as mental/emotional/physical side effects were concerned. And that was 1993. But damn, at least i can say i tried. Great results, sure. But the price to be paid is there and it aint worth it to me in my book. Here's a thought: Would masteron be a better alternative to Tren?

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    plmuscle Junior Member

    In my opinion Dan was an idiot. He was a total asshole and talked out the side of his ass.

    I LOVE tren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    graybass Member

    Yeah, I had every side you can think of. Will I use tren again? YOU BET YOUR ASS I WILL!!!
    First of all IMHO, Tren E is a little easier on you.
    A good alternative might be like a cycle I did. 1000mg Test EW 600mg Deca for the first 5 weeks, then drop the Deca and replace with 500mg Tren E EW for the next 5. Made me Big and hard as a rock!
    Plus only 2-3 weeks of sides from the Tren. (In my case it seems like theTren sides take a couple of weeks to kick in, and go away almost instantly when you drop it)

    just my .02 :cool:
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    Neodavid Junior Member

    Anyone ever use 250 test and 250 tren and not lose the old meat puppet? I have enough test for a cycle if I do that, otherwise, I'd have to only do an 8 week cycle... which is guess is okay, but I like 12 week cycles... I keep gaining, why stop.

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    bigkb Junior Member

    body odor from tren

    I have a question relating to tren sides too. Has anyone experienced a weird body odor while on tren? The odd thing about this odor is that it only comes from my chest, but nowhere else... for example, if you smell my shirt after I wake up in the morning (resulting from the bad night sweats), the chest section of it has this nasty unusual odor, but not the armpit areas or anywhere else.

    It's not like your typical underarm odor, it's way different. And only my sweat has this odor... I don't smell like it when not sweating.

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    eleven11 Member

    I had a little of that too. Wasn't that bad though. Just take a big wiff before doing a set ;) As far as sides I was taking 75mg ed and just had a warm feeling, night sweats weren't to bad. I had blood work done at the end and my liver levels were up a little but I was coming off a 22wk cycle, last 7-8 wks were tren,prop and masteron. it's been 2 months and I just had my blood work done again I'm just waiting for the results, I exspect them to be back to nomal.........11
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    micro Junior Member

    I noticed it to. But the odor from my piss was strong as hell.
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    Silverback Junior Member

    Yeah my piss smelled nasty too-- I pissed outside one time before going into a club and my boys were like shit your piss smells you must have a kidney infection-- :p

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