My ridiculous cutting stack :)

Discussion in 'Steroid Cycle Log' started by Undertow333, Mar 14, 2014.

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    [Muscle Depot] test prop, tren, masteron, Anavar, a-dex [3-14]
    [MJR] hcg, caber, t-3, clen [3-14]
    [HK] Rips [3-14]

    So Monday I will be starting this monster of a cutting cycle! I justt finished up my homebrew on the anabolics and am rearing to go. I will be posting Labmax as soon as I get the kit. I havn't gotten my hgh from Hk yet but I will add that in when it arrives. So, on to dosages:
    test p 50mg daily
    tren a 75mg daily
    mast p 100mg daily
    Var 50mg daily
    t-3 25mcg building to 100mcg daily
    clen 60mcg building to 100mcg daily
    caber .5mg 2 x per week
    rips 6iu daily (when it arrives)

    I have a-dex, and nolva on hand if i need it and will either pct with clomid/nolva or cruise. I havn't decided yet. I will try to get before pics and diet/ supplement info up tomorrow or Sunday. Stay tuned, this should hopefully be a good one and I havnt run a cycle like this since my last prep back when I thought I could actually compete. [:eek:)]
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    Damn this one will be a good one to follow! Kill it man!
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    Whoop whoop!! I like that ratio of test, tren, mast you're doing 50/75/100, might steal that.. ;)

    Good luck
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    hell yeh, im in
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    Wow you must post before and after! Innnnnnn :D
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    (Parody) Hitler Finds Out About The New Tool Albu…: [ame][/ame]

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    Yup. Good luck.
  10. Looks good! I'll be following!
  11. corageon

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    Nice man! Masteron is always great for this!
    T-3 too. Mighty.
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    Are your Rips from HK en route or are you waiting for the plant to re-open? Reason I ask is because any Rips manufactured from now will be using a different raw material source.
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    Yeah I am on hold. I hadn't checked emails or been online for a bit and I posted before his latest response. :( Thought about snagging some hyges from another source but I would like to wait it out.
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    I got all of my Labmax testing done this morning and results were great. The only problem that I had was that I made 10 g worth of d-bol pills for my buddies before I made my var. I didn't clean any residue and even scraped the residue into my var mix. I am the only one taking the var so I didn;t mind a smidge of extra d-bol in them. :D When I tested the var it went straight redish color wich indicates d-bol. By the end of the 15 minutes it was a redish, purplish, greenish fuckmess. So, I either have d-bol instead of var or the d-bol in the caps tarnished my results. I wish I would have tested straight powder but I completely dropped the ball. Everything else, masteron included, went exactly as they should. I thought I would be able to post pics but the damn things change color quickly and in a minutes time, the colors are off. to wrap up this rambling nonsense, I can recommend MD for their raws that I tested but it would be nice if someone else would run another var test sometime. Oh, on a side note. They threw in a free clen test and Blue Sky peptides Clen is complete junk. That is odd to me because although I thought it was under dosed, It makes me sweat and shake like a dog shitting a peach seed when I take enough of it![:eek:)]
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  15. kosta jeezy

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    Nicely planned out cycle. Very simular to mine i will be starting the next week or so. Good luck bro. And I will be attending this one!
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    Also curious to see how this one turns out
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    Thanks man. I thought about over complicating things and running my var to a point and only adding mast when the var was gone and changing the timing og the tren. In the end, I decided to just go for an all out assault. I have enough of evrything that quanity is not a factor. I plan on running everything for twelve weeks but the tren is liable to get dropped after 8 to 10.
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    I'm in.
    Good luck on this adventure Undertow.
    now give us pic's pic's pic's pic's :) when you in it I mean ;)
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    I travel a lot for work but I plan on trying to do updates every Saturday or Sunday. I will be posting pics and I planned on getting my before pics up today. I had a massive blow out "Last Supper" type of cheat day yesterday and I am so bloated and miserable today I am afraid of that camera! [:eek:)] I hade MASSIVE homemade monte cristo sandwiches, spicy sweet potato fries, and a whole carton ofsome ridiculously induldgent ice cream.:drooling :eek:
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    Going 110% ! Look forward to the results of this ! :popcorn: