My wife and Anavar questions.

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    Hey all. This is a thread for my wife. I wanted her to get some anecdotal evidence from the people who have actually run this compound as a female. A lot of people frame this as a completely amazing compound with no sides. I have used it myself and know what it did to my lipid profile ect... She knows the positives. She know the mechanism of action. But I honestly want her to see what other women have to say. Please not just the positives. ALL the sides and negative too if you have experienced them. I want her to have all available information in order for HER to make a informed decision! She WILL be reading this.

    We don't know if genetics are good enough to be show worthy one day but have reached out to the right people...

    Thanks in advance.

    Pic is for current reference. 20200414_093301~2.jpg
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    Subbed, my wife's has shown interest as well. I'm leaning towards Anadrol for her. We haven't made any decisions yet.
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    Hi !
    I'm a girl of 29 years old (sorry for my english) and I used var for 5 weeks with very good results at 15mg per day slipt in 2.
    I gained about 3 kilos and I'm much more shredded !
    Side effects was : water retention a lot ! But when I stopped I lost the water and I saved my gain !
    It's a good aas to use for women. ! I also try Primo but didn't get the results expected.
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    The only negative side effect I had with var 20mg was clit sensitivity (tingling). It might sound like a good thing but, it was too much...too sensitive...but not enough to stop me from using var again. Not as bad when I can get my hands on 10mg.

    I used winnie (5 mg) I felt like a senses were all turned ON, however I did have oily skin, water retention, aggression, and clit sensitivity. Would use again.
  5. Creamy Kitty

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    Hello! I'm in my 5th week overall, 2nd week taking 10mg. It is my first run, but figured I would share anyway, hopefully it is useful.

    The first few days I believe it made me extremely tired, though it may have been coincidental. I would feel completely fine, take it, and then feel like trash almost within an hour. It made it really hard to push through my lifts. This went away after a few days. I had an irritated throat some days too, but it also went away after the first week and I have been a little sick. Now, my only annoying side effect is oily hair. Sometimes I get a small pump in my legs and glutes that makes me walk like a duck. I look a little fluffy (from water weight?) but feel harder. My weight has increased and my lifts have too. My heart rate seems to have increased, but I also have a sinus infection so I can't say which is responsible. Overall, it has been a very mild and an uninteresting experience. I would use it again, but I'm not crazy about it. I think I will run it for 8 weeks. Maybe these last few weeks will change my mind.
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    Hello! I’ve had a really good experience using Anavar with my first cycle. The strength gains were amazing and I’ve definitely packed on some lean muscle with heavy training and diet.

    I did experience some side effects though. I’m acne prone so I started developing new acne on my chest and back. My face was much more oily as well. There was definitely some mood swings going on the first few weeks of taking it. Sometimes I felt on edge but that eventually went away as the weeks passed.

    During the end of my cycle, my blood pressure was a little higher than normal. That’s a side effect of taking AAS. It’s now back to normal range. I was also holding onto some water while I was on it... dropped 5lbs once cycle was over with. Overall, I would highly recommend Anavar.
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    Var is a great compound for both men and women. It gives quality gains but a bit slower than any of the other orals.

    Sex drive increases fairly quickly as the sensitivity of the love button increases - this can be a good and bad side. Depending how you look at it, for the most part, it's a great side!

    Make sure to start low, 10mg or even 5mg depending on her sensitivity to meds. Split it in 2 doses about 6-8hrs apart. Run it for 8-12 weeks. Stay at a dose for at least 2-4 weeks before increasing. Less is more!

    Another common side, stomach cramps, women are notorious for it as they do not eat enough protein and don't drink enough water. So ensure her food and water intake is on point. It will also help with bloating/water retention.
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    @GearGodess you seems to be well informed about var, do you think if we take 3 cycles per year the body/receptor will sature and we won't get more results without increasing the doses?
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    Thank you

    Your very first cycle is the one people feel you get the most out of but I don't believe that if you do 3 cycles of var per year, your body will get used to it and you have to increase doses. I've never ran or "needed" more than 20mg of var, I always start at 10mg and always have consistent results. I've worked with females who run 5mg every cycle and it's great for them each cycle. I also suggest lowering doses when incorporating multiple compounds. Typically for females, 2 AAS compounds at once is more than plenty for more intermediate users. Beginners should always stick to one at a time till they know how they respond to each on their own.
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    Thank you a lot, I really appreciate your help. I'm looking your differents posts about Anadrol, very interesting !

    I was thinking about doing 3 cycles per year to increase my gains by switching of AAS to get the best results...
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  11. GearGodess

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    My suggestion is to not get ahead of yourself. Yes it is good to plan but see how you feel during your cycles and after before determining you will be running 3 a year. Live in the now and focus on the now, take it one step at a time. Think of your cycles as a learning experience to mould your next run off it.

    I would be curious to hear your stats (age, weight, food and training) majority, well... 99% of your goals are based on this not what compounds you're running. AAS are to be used as complimentary only. Don't rely on them to do magic without that.
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    Glad to see you posting more @GearGodess you always are a solid contributor. Great advice once again.
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    Thank you. Appreciate the kind words
    I'm trying to be more active again and contribute more.
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    Yes I posted on my profile some of details but not a lot, I will not share on this feed because it's not mine but be sure I only take AAS as complimentary and it helps me a lil bit after 10 years of training without "drugs"
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    Thank you all very much for the help! I started my run 2 days ago! I will try and keep everyone posted.
  16. GearGodess

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    Good luck, enjoy the ride and pay close attention to your body. Welcome to the dark side, the amazing work of being superhuman. Lol

    Any questions or concerns, just ask. Give us your weekly progress here, any challenges, anything. . We're here for ya!
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    Can't wait for the updates and good luck!
  18. PupperQueen

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    Thanks for all the replys, I am on day 4. Im feeling a little bit groggy and Ive been SUPER irritable.

    I have been running 1.5 iu hgh for 6 months until april 1st. Taking time off before re starting it.

    Thanks for the protein and water tip @GearGodess, will make sure I stay on top of that.
    So far Im taking 5mg in the morning. My husband @Human_backhoe suggests that for stable hormone levels i should be 5mg morning and night. The Canadian lab we get from only has 5mg as a option for lady var.
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    5mg am and another pm will probably be OK, but caution is always advised on any compound for women, so i suggest first action is to buy a pill cutter online and split one 5mg tablet in two, take half in the morning and half in the evening. See how that goes, and depending on results and side effects you can increase the dose later
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    I started taking 5mg at night also, Ive found it balances my mood alot more, Im not as up and down. So Im now taking 5mg in the am and 5mg in the pm. Theyre in capsules so I cant split them in half unfortunately.
    So far for side effects Im just getting heightened clit sensitivity.
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