My Wife Naked

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  1. i remembered this time. i saw the title and said to myself, you won't get me this year.

    The pick from @tenpoundsleft makes the perfect consolation prize for those that were fooled.
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  2. DrinkFlintWater

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    Classic thread! I laughed when I just saw this in post line
  3. SomeRandoGuy

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    So if he got me today from a post in 2016 does that still count? :D

    Nice job Truck!
  4. Fak.
    Only thing this did is remind me of a strange association I have with Mrs. Squatch and Reeses...and the fact I'm a recovering Talenti gelato addict.
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  5. gr8whitetrukker

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    Sea salt caramel
  6. Woof

    u aint fuckin my diet up. I used to think those reusable containers were the best thing ever I'd pack snacks in em, paperclips, pens, fuckin whatever. It got so bad they were falling out of every cabinet door I opened and just turned into a constant visual reminder of the shame. Don't you put that on me Ricky Bobby.

    think I turned one into a beta fish aquarium :(
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  7. Demondosage

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    Back in the day when I tried the gallon of milk everyday shit, my acne was absolutely fucking terrible! Hell yea it'll flare that shit rt up!!
  8. Sk8man101

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    How am I really gunna fall for this one 4 years in a row?