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    An Introduction to MyoGen

    The MyoGen brand name comes from the Greek word 'Myo' meaning ‘Muscle’ and 'Genesis' meaning 'Birth'. This implied history reference of Muscle Origins (#muscleorigins) is the starting point, which leads to the evolution of fitness and bodybuilding in our contemporary era.

    Our brand is managed by an international team of experts who share the same vision about making a similar evolutionary breakthrough in the AAS market. In an industry tainted by underground labs and brands, MyoGen wishes to inspire a new way of communicating, based on trust, transparency and ease of access.

    MyoGen is backed by a leading Pharmaceutical company based in India. The complete product range includes injectables, orals and protections.

    Every product is manufactured and distributed to the highest quality standards. MyoGen combines proven methods with the latest scientific research to drive product innovation for athletes.

    With MyoGen, the future is now, are you ready for the Anabolic Revolution?

    myogen-00-editorial-calendar.jpg myogen-01-white-book.jpg myogen-02-product-range.jpg myogen-03-price-list.jpg myogen-04-mobile-app.jpg myogen-05-gallene-sciences.jpg myogen-06-science-laboratory.jpg myogen-07-social-media.jpg myogen-08-reward-program.jpg myogen-09-resellers.jpg myogen-10-press-releases.jpg myogen-11-presale.jpg myogen-12-products-available.jpg myogen-13-website.jpg

    Our Prelaunch Explained

    As part of our introduction and our official launch, we would like to express our motives, the reason why MyoGen was created and why we have chosen to launch the brand in this way (our 12 steps pre-launch).

    Currently the anabolic steroid industry is conducted by whispers and in the shadows. Every story in the media about our industry paints steroids in a negative light. This has a heavy influence on the average person’s perception about performance enhancing drugs, and only serves to drive the entire industry further underground.

    What we know is sorely lacking, is complete openness and transparency.

    Anyone who is seeking to better themselves deserves to have all available information at their fingertips and to be guided by expert opinion. They deserve to be able to have their confidentiality protected and to be able to access important information to ensure they conduct a cycle safely, thereby protecting their own health. The team behind MyoGen has come together with this shared vision.

    When we promise to bring about an anabolic revolution, we do not only aim to be manufacturers of the highest quality products. Our long term aim is to change the way steroids are discussed, the way they are viewed. We are seeking to revolutionize the entire industry.

    By carrying out our pre-launch in a number of steps, we offer complete transparency. MyoGen shares lab photos so you be sure the manufacturing process is sterile and controlled. We make available our quality reports so the consumer will know exactly what they are ordering. We outline the multiple ways to communicate with us so our consumers and fans have access to expert knowledge and advice, every step of the way.

    Our prelaunch gives consumers a greater chance to interact with us. This helps to drive future innovation based on users’ wants and needs.

    We are not just another brand, we are your brand, and we, are the future of the anabolic steroids industry.

    The MyoGen Team
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    Now THAT was an interesting intro.

    However, you managed to tell us nothing about your lab... That was, ironically, the entire point of your post. A. Big. Marketing. Ploy.

    Is India even allowed to sell to the EU anymore? The entire country was operating like an underground lab. People literally buy research chems before they fuck with Indian pharma meds...

    Also, Jessica REALLY should have been nude in that video.
  3. Sp2.0

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    Tony Robbins ?
  4. MindlessWork

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    This brand seems to be little known...not much info out there to make a good decision if this is legit or a scam.
  5. bob hughes

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    Nice try test junkie, but you still have a long way to go
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  6. MindlessWork

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    I doubt this is Test Flunkie as this intro is written much better than his but who knows as he might have had some help with writing this one up.
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  7. bob hughes

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    Nah I was just playing Somebody always says that in every new labs thread, so I figured I would say it here:)
  8. DrinkFlintWater

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    Is this an ICO or a UGL?
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  9. MindlessWork

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    Seems almost every new lab lately seems to be just another Test Flunkie gimmick. This one may be time to pop the popcorn for :)
  10. bob hughes

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    Not sure what ico is but Pretty sure this is UGL. Google doesn’t turn up hardly anything on them, just their products for sale on steroids sites, but that’s how it usually is with UGLs
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    WTF did I just watch...... I came like 2 times to her accent but wtf
  12. SuperMaroid

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    Couldnt have said it better. I felt like I was back in marketing class.
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    Everything is UGL hahaha
    But fuck India?? Hellsssss no
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  14. DrinkFlintWater

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    Put it this way- these guys have a roadmap and a whitepaper. Im not sure whether they want to produce dirty ass test or create the next bitcoin:confused:
  15. Eman

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    Step 11 looks great... Presale to select VIP members. Fuck yourself @Andre-Myogen.

    The AAS industry is conducted in the shadows, my ass. The fucking pompousness of this intro pisses me off to no end. Riding the coat tails of Pharmacom's business model is ALL you're doing. A brand built on product and price perception.

    You're an underground fucking lab... I'd have more respect for someone brewing in their kitchen.
  16. bob hughes

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    Yup It does come off as very condescending
  17. GrizzlyMint

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    Amazon presents their new venture MyoGen

    Also -1 for Jessica not doing her research. Topless I’d hand my money over right now presale. Clam an acceptable alternative
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    What the fuck was that? We’re all doomed.
  19. Bigboy727

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    I’ll bite.. I need to see her tits first!
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    Welcome to America @Andre-Myogen
    Now show us your girls Titties