Nair, shave or wax?

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nair shave or wax balls?

  1. Nair

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  2. Shave

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  3. Wax

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  4. Tweezers

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  1. Should I nair, shave or wax my balls & dick? Was fuckin a girl that actually liked some ball hair so I left it but now it's time to get rid of it. I've naired or magic shaved my ass before successfully but also burnt it cause I left it on too long.

    Which is the best?
  2. x11

    x11 Member

    Whatever you do, no pics plz.
  3. B Ware

    B Ware Member

    Put nair on your balls and please report back. I could use a good laugh.
  4. I was thinking I'd just use a lighter to burn the hairs.
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  5. Ah i know that's code for send pics so I got you covered
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  6. jaymaximus

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    I nair first then shave any missed spots. And I use the nair EVERYWHERE with no issues.
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  7. Wunderpus

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  8. fodsod

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  9. Wunderpus

    Wunderpus Member Supporter

    I love it! I've used it since about November, and it's been SOLID.
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  10. AnTabolic73

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    I use nair on my body. I voted nair before i read your post saying its for your balls. Its not made for sensitive spots like balls and crack. Itll sting. Since most of our nuts are just ornaments at this point i wouldnt worry about rubbing harsh ass chemicals on them.

    But it will burn
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  11. Evom1

    Evom1 Member

    No irritation? If you're recommending it for a guy to use down there, I'm assuming it must be great for body hair too? Looking into doing a show and the thought of sitting there with a razor shaving my legs is not appealing
  12. x11

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    GOAT thread.
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  13. Evom1

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    I mean, you could just go all out and use an epilator

    Kidding, for the love of God don't do that
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  14. fodsod

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    The epilator is only good for the balls and ass crack right around the asshole. We would like some video of you using it also.

  15. x11

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    Can it be used with roids......specifically hemaroids.
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  16. Evom1

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    My ex had one and tried it on my arm.....just the sound of the thing was a clear indication something bad was going to happen
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  17. x11

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    My grandfather in the main German army was made to stand in snow by Russian soldiers, when a guy finally collapsed they were shot.

    He has no hair on his legs from knees down so you could try that. That section of skin never aged, completely smooth.
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  18. How long do you leave it on? The container says 3-10 minutes but I'd rather not leave it on for 10 min. I actually tried it once before after a failed attempt at waxing using nair wax strips but since I did wax a spot the nair burnt cause of the torn skin lol

    I got a Remington groomer but that thing sliced and bit me lol. I used to use a Gillette Venus 5 razor but wanted to try something else.
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  19. jaymaximus

    jaymaximus Member

    10 minutes. If I do it I have to be sure it's coming off. Idk what kind of Nair people are using, but mine has been no issue. Used it on the my pubes, balls, taint, and butt (including crack) and it works fine.
  20. Gbro

    Gbro Member

    That soft tender taint hair dissolves quick. Three minutes tops or hello sting ring.
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