[NakitCoins Wallet] Purchase your Coins with ur Bank Card Easily

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    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to introduce our company NakitCoins.com where "Nakit" means "CASH" in Turkish. We are the "First CryptoCurrency for Cash Exchanger in Turkey" more precisely in the center of Istanbul...

    I know it's kind strange that such company would advertise on a Bodybuilding Forum, but since you have a section dedicated to CryptoCurrency, i told myself why not ? Crawling around here and there,i noticed that a load of people are struggling to purchase crypto and few had concerns about their infos being leaked to gov agencies when using their Local plateforms.

    So let me put it straight, NakitCoins is a Turkey Based company regulated under the Turkish jurisdiction, allowing us to provide a strong Anonimity and Freedom to our users.

    We only require KYC (ID verification) if you are willing to Withdraw or Deposit funds via the Banking Channel [Bank Wire]; All the others services remain accessible without the need to go through stringent KYC.

    Our Wallet's user interface has been designed to provide a Clear and smooth experience and makes it very easy to start with Crypto.

    Some Features :

    - Easy - Fast way to buy Cryptos with Credit Cards [KYC MIGHT BE REQUIRED]
    - Anonymous Exchange Euro-To-Crypto & Crypto-To-Crypto [No KYC]
    - Free & Instant Funds (Fiat & Cryptos) Transfer within our Wallet Eco-system [No KYC]
    - Deposit / Withdraw Cash at our Office & Partners -Turkey only & Soon Europe- [No KYC]
    - Possibility to Save a note for each transaciton
    - Possibility to join a message with the transfer if it is sent to a NC user.

    For the one that do alot of business online :
    - Auto-Conversion to fiat Feature available, if activated for the designed crypto account, any funds received will be automatically converted into Fiat in order to avoid (rates fluctuation)

    The limits of NakitCoins Wallet :

    - No Limit of Trading/Exchange
    - No limit of funds transfer within our Eco-system
    - No limit of Cash Deposit & Withdrawal at our office / partners in Turkey
    - Credit Cards Purchase Limits = 20 000€ or $20 000 Daily MAX. 50 000€ or $50 000 monthly.

    Our Fees :

    - Credit Cards purchase = 6%
    - Exchange Crypto<->Fiat = 2.5% (based on Preev.com rates)
    - Exchange Crypto<->Crypto = 1% (based on Binance market price)
    - Funds Transfer between NC Users = Free
    - Cash Deposit - Withdrawal = 0.5%
    - Bank Deposit - Withdrawal = 0.2% (min 17€) (US CITIZENS NOT SERVED FOR THIS SERVICE)

    Currency available when opening a NakitCoins Account :
    -USD (available for the one that going to purchase crypto through credit Cards)
    - EURO
    - MONERO

    To open an Account/Wallet, you just need a Email address !

    You can learn more by visiting our Website : NakitCoins.com
    Or contact us via: contact@nakitcoins.com

    Your reviews and feedback on the quality, user interface, features or which coin to list matter to us, feel free to share your feedback, we are always striving to improve our

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    So is ID required to purchase BC or not? You said “may be required.” Why the uncertainty?
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    This looks kinda shady to me, especially based in Turkey. Will ID be required from US Citizens? If so, how quickly is the verification done?
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    The process of Purchasing Coins with Credit Cards is handled by our Partner Simplex, depending the amont, geolocalisation, browser etc, it might trigger their security and then you might be required to provide your ID.

    At the moment of check out, you might be required to provide a selfie holding your Card (hiding the numbers with your finger) and within 15mins, the transactions will be checked then approved or Not (you will receive a email).

    Once you did that verification, there is little to no chance that you will be requested again to process the ID verification for your next purchases !!

    My advise is to prepare a selfie in case or they request it at check out.

    The verification is to make sure it is not a stolen Card !

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    I am belgian citizen, my partner is dutch and in term of freedom and anonimity's protection Turkey is by Far the best country in EUROPE.

    We wouldn't be so ''Flexible'' if we did set up our Business within the U.S or Western Europe.

    As you may understand, our company is Highly Centered on Privacy and more precisely on Cash transactions which is very OK in Turkey. ID verification (KYC) is only required if you are planning to use Banking services (Bank Transfer) or Credit Card purchases (here the verification is done by our partner).
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    You can just buy coins through Mycelium. Simplex handles it for them as well and it's an established wallet.

    If you're in the US, it will most definitely require ID.

    Just to clear that up.
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    Absolutely true, Mycelium Wallet does offer Simplex Gateway just as like us ... But Mycelium charge a total of 12% Fees whereas we only charge a total 6% Fees !

    Give it some try in the amont of bitcoin expected to be received.

    For the ID, since i am european & used a european credit card, i did few times small purchases, i never been required to provide my ID (i guess under 200$) But for U.S citizens, it might be mandatory since it's a different kind of financial regulations there.
  9. Long shot here, but could someone from the US use a prepaid debit to purchase BTC from your service?
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    QUOTE From their FAQ available THERE

    Simplex accepts credit and debit cards issued by VISA and MasterCard. Also, we accept some virtual and prepaid cards. To avoid cash advance fee we recommend to use a debit card.

    We only process credit and debit cards and we do not accept any other payment methods (such as wire transfers).

    Please note that we do not support American Express and Discover cards. In addition, we are currently unable to support Bank of America cards.

    Note, however, that some issuer banks have their own terms regarding where and when those cards can be used, and may decline the charge on their side.

    If you are from the United States, the following states are not supported at all: Georgia (GA), New Mexico (NM), Hawaii (HI), Washington (WA), Oregon (OR), Vermont (VT), Florida (FL), Alabama (AL).

    New York (NY) and Connecticut (CT) are currently supported only for purchase of BTC.

    FATF high-risk countries are not supported. You can find the list of FATF high-risk countries here.

    Please also know that the website/application/exchange that you are accessing Simplex’s service from might also not support your location based on it’s own business considerations.

    Apart from the above, all countries should be supported (e.g. all European countries, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, etc) are supported. Without contradicting this, please know that Simplex might not be able to support certain locations which otherwise are usually supported, for a short period of time due to other business considerations.
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    Simplex does have a hard time running debit cards. I've three with different banks and all three will are flagged for [potential] fraud and rejected.

    You may need to get with your bank before using.