nandralone base???

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    I’m interested in trying out nandralone base and some other novelty compounds. My current raw source has been PPL (purple panda labs), but they no longer carry some of the exotic items.

    I have been happy with PPL, (purple panda labs), but I’m curious if anyone knows of a good source for raws that’s comparable or better than PPL, which carries nandralone base and other exotic compounds. I have looked thru the PPL thread and it’s long and extensive with lots of feedback and info, HOWEVER I always say a source is only as good as your last order...

    I don’t expect to be “spoon fed” and I have contacted a lot of the sponsors on this board. So far I haven’t been impressed

    Also, if you’re familiar with ppl you know they offer by the gram, which definitely seems to be an exception to the industry standard....

    Is there any other raw sources that will break down their product into grams or small quantities??

    Thank you
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    I used a vial of nandro base about two years ago... Still have a vial. I know you're not asking for opinions on using it but I do have to say I wouldn't bother using it again. If I felt anything from it, it was sleepy...

    I don't know what you consider novelty but test base is far far superior.

    Just thought I'd offer my experience to save you the money, I am the only person I know that has used it. You missed the boat on exotic compounds, Primo of the Gods had really interesting blends... Test blitz was a recipe for some hardcore PIP though.
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    I've looked at a lot of lists and never seen nand base or similar array of more exotic stuff. If you sourced it yourself you'd probably need to buy significant quantity. Doesn't mean you can't find it but PPL is big with good'd likely need a similar outfit with reason to list variety or some wild eclectic small guy who holds inventory forever. I haven't seen anyone who can help.
  4. Pretty sure Dynamite carries it...
  5. Monstar

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    Confirmed. You are right. Test, bold, tren, and band bases.

    OP they are in the Underground. First couple pages.
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    Was thinking about making a transdermal with boldenone base myself
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    this won’t end well lol
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    Stay in your own thread faggot!

    Wolfpack out
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