Nandrolone for soccer training

Discussion in 'Endurance Forum' started by WuTangShadow, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Hi guys, this is my first post on this forum, I've done a lot of research on this topic and have decided to take NPP for some cycles this year. I'm a 21 y/o male, and I know I won't get tested for at least a year, (especially with everything shut down due to the coronavirus) so I'm good with regards to that.

    I'm hoping to find answers to the following two questions:
    -What dosages of nandrolone should I take? 150 mg?
    -How often do I inject (once a week or twice)?

    I'm planning to take my game to the next level, so I've been training a lot over the past year. I'm now running 10 kms a couple of times a week on top of my other training.

    Hope you can help me out, cheers!
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    Hey bro, you might need to do some more research if you don’t know how often you need to be pinning or how much to take. Do you have a pct planned out at all? Do you even do any weight training or are you strictly doing cardio?

    I’d hold off for a few years if I were you, 21 is still super young and it doesn’t seem like you quite understand what you’re getting yourself into by injecting hormones into your body. I know you’ll probably do whatever you want anyways so I’d just say read around the forum a ton and try and learn as much as you can before you start pinning. Good luck!
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    What makes you think NPP is going to help with soccer?
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    Thank you for informing me about pct, I did not know about those! I assumed that I taper into it, and taper out of it without the use of other compounds to return the testosterone levels back to normal. I will definitely do more research on this topic!

    I've skimmed through a couple of articles just now, and according to this one:
    NPP cycles logs: How to use Nandrolone Phenylpropionate

    I should use either clomid or nolvadex in order to return the T levels back to baseline. I will do that.

    I used to do a lot of weight training pre-covid, but now I mainly do bodyweight exercises with some dumbbell exercises.

    The reason I want to use anabolics is because my intention is to go pro within the next 2-3 years, and I'm willing to do anything to do so. According to what I have researched, the risks are relatively low if you do it properly, so I'm attempting to mitigate them as much as possible.
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    According to this article and others like it:
    Doping effects can last a decade.

    My cells will develop additional nuclei and allow me to recover from training sessions faster. This effect should last for at least 10 years. This will allow me to train more, resulting in becoming more skillful at the sport. It will also allow me to recover from a match quicker. Therefore if there is another match scheduled the next day, the fatigue from the previous day will not carry over as much.

    Basically: Cycles changes your body at the molecular level, allowing for greater recovery even after you stop using them.
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  7. cmK9s33

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    NPP is a faster acting ester so I'd spread my injections over at least 3 days per week but that's me. As for dose, that will depend on what you want out of the drug. I would think only a small weekly dose because I'd think too much extra bulk would hurt you in your sport. Honestly, it seems like a poor choice for the sport.

    As for turning pro, if you're subject to drug testing then nandrolone is a horrible choice because its metabolites can be detected over a year after cessation of the drug.
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    I don't keep up with or watch soccer, but isn't it more of a pure endurance sport?
  9. WuTangShadow

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    Interesting, thanks for sharing! It's true that I don't want too much upper body bulk after a certain point, I'll certainly consider just doing one dose a week at a lower dosage.

    I definitely don't have to worry about it being detected in my system at this point in time, I'm not gonna get into details, but it's all thought out. This is a good opportunity to use it once in my life, then never again until I reach my 40s.
  10. WuTangShadow

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    Mostly, but there are niche areas where other types of strength come into play (such as sprinting). To my understanding, the NPP will help me increase my endurance because of the type of training I will do. I'll still gain more muscle in my upper body during this cycle, but I'm not gonna become a bodybuilder.
  11. cmK9s33

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    You missed the point of it being a short acting ester. Even if you want a low dose that doesn’t mean you inject a small amount once a week of a short acting ester. It means you take even smaller shots 3 to 4 times a week.

    If you don’t want “too much upper body mass” then you’re probably looking at the wrong group of ped’s to begin with.

    Not saying anything negative about you but essentially no one does “one cycle” of steroids. And in your first post you state you’re going to run “some cycles”. I realize you’re citing articles claiming that the effects on muscle cells last beyond the length of cycles. This is true but increased recovery will likely not be realized after cessation of drugs. The muscle memory that they leave behind will last for many years. This will effectively raise your genetic ceiling for muscle tissue.

    Truthfully, i think you’d probably be better served by using testosterone if you really want to use steroids. Or maybe a dht derivative that won’t hold additional water weight while using but will still build additional muscle tissue and improve recovery.

    Although, I’m really not convinced that steroids are the best choice for you. You need to train properly to make use of them. Otherwise you’re just potentially damaging your health for a fleeting effect. Well, best of luck with whatever you choose.
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    AAS is not your answer. I played soccer from age 4 through college, and you of all people should know that you either have the skill or you don’t. You may be able to get a little bit more speed out the legs (not much if you have played your whole life), but overall you are wasting money on this, and to be honest if this is the route you are thinking about going then you don’t have what it takes anyway. Today at 21 if you aren’t being looked at by any pro teams then your chances are pretty much nil. Your time and money would be better spent on camps and training then AAS.
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  13. Also watch that movie Icarus on Netflix
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    You missed the entire point of the study, it refers to regaining mass later in life after cessation of AAS. You're equating muscle mass to muscle recovery in a more endurance geared sport, and it doesn't work like that.

    As more of an endurance guy, I've tried all kinds of stuff looking for enhanced recovery and ability to run more. And I found AAS benefited me very little as a runner, and was disappointing. I wouldn't start any AAS if you're only looking for an edge in soccer.
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    NPP needs to be injected daily.

    You should always do Test with it.

    For soccer, don't bother.

    A mild test cycle may help a little but I'd play with GW long before this stuff for soccer.
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