Nandrolone for women.

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  1. Human_backhoe

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    So I gotta be the guy who brings this up?

    I don't usually pay much attention when he starts to speculate all on his own. Although I find this concept interesting!

    Have any woman here run NPP? Results? Sides? Has anyone used exogenous estrogen to substitute their own in this or similar concept?

    I realize the birth control is usually a 19nor with estrogen and even that has some shitty side effects on some women.
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  2. Mac11wildcat

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    I know Ariella Palumbo used NPP. Have seen it tossed around elsewhere as well. Unsure about the estrogen half.
  3. Iron Vett

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    I think there was a member @Wendylifts that ran Npp and mentioned it in one of her cycle logs a while back
  4. Logan44551

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    @Sadie has a log as well with npp I believe
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  7. Sadie

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    I’ve run NPP a few times. Not my favorite. The results were incredible. It kicked in fast. I felt like superwoman. Strength and size changed almost immediately. People were constantly making comments about how fit I looked. That part was awesome. The sides I experienced were oily skin, acne, a few facial hairs that came in on my chin, clit enlargement (that never went back to normal FYI), voice deepened, irritability (everything pissed me off), water retention (dandelion root helps a lot), increased libido in the beginning that seemed to completely go away mid cycle and sex drive disappeared. I honestly prefer var and primo now. They are much more female friendly and gains are easier to keep. Hard to keep the gains from NPP after cycle.

    Hope this helps.
  8. Human_backhoe

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    Thanks. In all honesty, doesn't sound worth it. Especially when there are a whole lot of milder alternatives.
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  9. NorthMich

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    what kind of dose / cycle with the primo?
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    Does you wife cycle?
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  11. NorthMich

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    No. Anavar only at this point

    Quick online look and it looks like 50mg/ week. 4 week cycles.
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    My wife @PupperQueen ran 6 weeks at 10mg daily split 5mg am (pwo) 5mg afternoon. Had amazing results!

    She is about to start 50mg / week primo E for 8 weeks. With possibility of 1.5iu gh daily for 10 week's.
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    That’s an extremely helpful and thoughtful reply. Thank you for that

    so 2 IM pins a day. She’s dedicated
  14. Human_backhoe

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    Sorry my bad. The var is oral. 5mg am 5mg pm

    The Primo will be 2 pins a week. 25mg per pin.

    The gh is daily. She ran 5 months previously with fantastic results
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    Any time! Don't hesitate to reach out to @PupperQueen or I.

    Ps. Just because I don't agree with you politically doesn't mean I don't like you lol. Political bullshit should be separate from who we are.
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    That makes perfect sense. Thanks for that clarification. I hope it works great for her

    I admire your perspective on political differences. Big of you
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    Agreed! Much more female friendly stuff out there. Everyone has different goals though so what’s good for some may not be for others. Personally would avoid it though.
  18. Sadie

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    I run it at 100 mg a week split into 2 50mg pins. Usually Sunday and Wednesday. I sometimes kick start with 5 weeks of var at 5mg am and 5 mg pm. If things are going good I may bump the var to 10mg. I run the primo 10 to 12 weeks usually.