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  1. GdaddyGains

    GdaddyGains Member

    I’ve used tren, Test, DBOL, winstrol, Anavar, Anadrol, EQ, and superdrol so far....neber NANDROLONE.

    What are your thoughts on DECA?!?! Seems like no one uses it anymore?
  2. SuperSwede

    SuperSwede Member

    Many use NPP instead, me included.
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  3. FiEnD

    FiEnD Member

    I tried running a Deca/EQ cycle but I just felt like shit. Could have been a number of reasons at the time though so I can't blame one single compound. I plan on giving it another try at s later date though
  4. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    Npp is my all round favorite
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  5. TheH0517

    TheH0517 Member

    NPP is awesome. Mass, appetite, well-being, libido, scrotum fuzz. All good.
  6. BigBaldBeardGuy

    BigBaldBeardGuy Member Supporter

    Ha, gotta ask is it worth it for the bump in Scrotum fuzz?
  7. big unit

    big unit Member

    No one uses nandrolone??? It’s a staple! Probably the best hormone for mass building. Deca is outstanding.
  8. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    Finishing up my first npp run right now. Loved it. Absoloutley love to get into some deca as well. Run it!!!
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  9. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    Npp over tren for me ...... can’t wait to run my next bulk with npp
  10. GdaddyGains

    GdaddyGains Member

    We should all blast 1 g of deca & 1 g of test with 4K calories of clean food for 12 weeks!!!!!
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  11. GdaddyGains

    GdaddyGains Member

    Everyone wants love for NANDROLONE anymore!!!
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  12. TheH0517

    TheH0517 Member

    Eating huge plates of food feels manly.
    Fucking like a rabid dog feels manly.
    Lifting heavy weights and having 20in arms feels manly (no my arms are not 20in).

    But NOTHING feels as manly as watching the hair on your balls grow inches by the day.
  13. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    I'm switching to Tran ace to finish this blast with, one month of it at the end with Anavar. I've not found a great tren protocol yet, hoping to strike gold one of these times. I figure I'll end up sticking with what has generally worked for me so far: test, nandrolone, good hydration and a solid nutrition plan. Oh, and some time at the gym here and there as well!
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  14. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    one could always keep clean shaven testicles but have no care to shave the rest. Now that would be a sight
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  15. Hendred

    Hendred Member

    Would it be stupid to run NPP along with test for say a 2nd or 3rd cycle if you wanted to pct afterwards? Possibly ending AAS usage after that or would it impact recovery a bit too much?

    I still haven't done a cycle of anything yet so I'm getting ahead of myself.
  16. ickyrica

    ickyrica Member Supporter

    NPP clears quickly, perfect for pct.

    Deca can make pct a little wonky.
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  17. TheH0517

    TheH0517 Member

    I was thinking the opposite. Like a bald head with a beard.
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  18. wedorecover

    wedorecover Member Supporter

    Feel the same way about tren man haven’t found what everyone is going crazy about ... but on a cut i like what it does ..
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  19. GdaddyGains

    GdaddyGains Member

    I don’t pct. I blast and cruise. Why come off and PCT when i know I will eventually use TRT as I get old. I want to be jacked and tan when I die.....
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  20. legendary

    legendary Member

    NPP>deca all day long. In faster out faster.
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