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    Hey everyone,

    First off huge thanks to this forum and it’s members. There is a great amount of knowledge floating around that I’m learning a lot from.

    A month or so back I got Pharmacom Test e 300 (4 vials), Anavar 10mg (200 tablets), Recived free D-Bol:cool:,
    hcg with Bacterio Static water, Armidex, clomid, and nolva. I believe that’s it:confused:.
    I got a bunch of stuff but the goal going into this this time is doing it right. I’ve done 2 cycles in the past, few years ago, and they were very poor. Like most, I had no idea what I was doing...I’m sorry I must be honest.

    I’m about to be 28 now and been lifting since Sophmore year in high school. Being much more advanced now, the big problem for me is recovery. I like steroids for this reason only. I like to hit the gym 6-7 times per week at least 2 hours. There’s no way you’re doing that naturally even with the best of diets.

    Right now I’m thinking of running a couple different options to first start. I was originally going with the test e at 600mg per week with the AI and HCG. Then blast the Nolva and Clomid together at the end. This would be a 14-15 week cycle.

    The problem is I sprained my ankle about 2 months ago and re-sprained it again 2 weeks ago running. FML. So my training hasn’t been good since that time. Doc said to wait another 2-3 weeks to lift again, and no running. I’m doing physical therapy at home every day which is working this time around.

    Bought the Anavar originally to stack it with the test E, but now I’m thinking maybe to just use a small dose of that for six weeks to help me get back in shape and strengthen the ankle tendon.

    I got pre bloods done recently:

    My Stats:
    Not sure on body fat. Would say about 17%. But I could get that down in a few weeks no problem once the ankle heals.

    Diet advice would be helpful. I generally know what and how much to eat, but I would love to learn the specifics. Please feel free to chime in.

    Anyways look forward to getting to know some of you and starting a heathy discussion and seeing my progress.

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  2. I would honestly just wait until you heal up completely to start running any AAS. You wanna get the most bang for your buck so wait til you can perform at max.

    In the meantime keep reading through the nutrition forum and if you provide some more detailed information on what your goals are and what you past diet has been, current diet is, and what you had in mind I’m sure you will get much better feedback.

    I would also just hold off on the var. Stick to just testosterone. 600mg per week would be more than plenty to make some great progress accompanied by solid training and nutrition.
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    Alive from the dead. Want to keep this open. I made some totally different decisions and went for a simple power dose Test E.

    I hit it the first week with 300ml (150/150), went fine.

    I started thinking if I’m gonna do 300mg or even 600 a week, maybe I should try a first start of TRT since my numbers were low.

    It’ll be cool to see the change to what I normally would be in a way if my testosterone was naturally higher. Forgive me I haven’t done the Mid Cycle Test yet to get the numbers. I ended up doing 150mg, using the hcg for Estro, and a little bit of adex eod. I’m now on week 6 or 7?

    It’s working GREAT. I really can’t say I’m seeing any sides. I’m a bit more focused on the gym now having the time to train 4-5 hours a day.
    Haven’t had any angry moments out of the ordinary.
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    So proud after 12 Weeks Deadling with back-to-back Ankle Sprain...the are finally over(**on certain days) we play full coart Basketball.

    I am coming back!!!