Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by 350lift, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. 350lift

    350lift Member

    Anyone order here recently I was given a Usps tracking instead of international never had that before
  2. Ironlord

    Ironlord Member

    Wow brother... You didn't go back into these underground threads very far did you? Pretty sure there are multiple threads about naps and issues with quality, shipping being an outright scammer etc....
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  3. 350lift

    350lift Member

    I know all about naps and I’ve never had an issue with Geneza orals.
  4. taco33150

    taco33150 Member

    Why would you even mess with those guys.. plenty of others out there... you know they don’t erase your private info right..

    BIGSWEEZ Member

    NAPS was around a long time ago and considered a selective scammer back then...can't believe he's still around
  6. 350lift

    350lift Member

    Well as far as I know Geneza makes the best superdrol that’s all I buy from naps cuz every otherugl superdrol is oretty shit