Napsgear Scam Alert?

Discussion in 'Steroid Underground' started by latinoguy1980, Jun 16, 2010.

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    latinoguy1980 Member

    Well I ordered from napsgear 100 pills of t3 cytomel and I only received 50 pills so I email napsgear and now they not responding. I dont know what to do. Has anybody had any problems with them on the past? i dont want to lose my money any advice?
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    drewbolic Member

    well thats really not a scam if u did recieve something<they may have just made a mistake with your long has it been since you have tried to make contact ?They are a pretty big company and have been around for a while and I dont think there trying to scam u out of 50 t3 pills.

    O and have to ask...was it .com or .net?
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    B-Irons Member

    Naps Gear took 1K from me!! And thats NO BS. I was also taken by iVitamins. The did not come through on there side of shipping, I sent the money, the MTCN and recieved nothing and had no comms with them either!!
    Best of luck....and yes, I have learned the hard way and been burnt many times. UGL is the way to go, as they are a bit more reliable in my experience.
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    there not a company. probaly 2 or 3 ppl. scamming or selective scamming all over the fucking place. they purposely ship wrong orders and u will get the rest whenever..they sell aas. a company..bwawawawa. they make shit in probably a tin shack and have no idea about sterility. dude go domestic and stay away from there scum bag int. sources.
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    They are an approved supplier on the Geneza Pharmaceuticals website. So, unless they work together to scam people, I don't think GP would keep them as a reputable supplier.

    Drew is right... .com is not the real site (that's obvious to me when comparing the 2). .net is the site that you want to go with. So, that could be your problem right there.

    .com has a link advertising Axiolabs (click on "oral steroids" and you will see it). For any of you who have followed the stories on Axio/Syntrop and Geneza you know this would never be the case. Furthermore, the link is to they are NOT an official supplier of axio gear according to the axio website.

    We all need to be careful of what we order online by checking out websites thoroughly and staying in the know. I hope you ordered from .net and they are just having problems. If you ordered from .com, you're fucked!
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    TrainHard Member

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
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    latinoguy1980 Member

    I have ordered from .net its been a week so far and still no answer i hope they respond.
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    It's an overseas company. There is no way that it would get here in a week. I would say you'll see your stuff 2 weeks from when you sent the the earliest. They have no control over how long your package will be in outgoing and inbound customs. If it has been 3 weeks and you still have heard and received nothing, then you might want to worry.
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    latinoguy1980 Member

    never mind they responded now and said they will reshipped my order... and for the record getsome I already received my order but the problem was that it was incomplete. i receive 50 pills and i ordered 100 thats what the problem was. But they wrote me back today saying they will reship it immidiatly so hope everything goes well.
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    Nice, I'm glad that will hopefully be solved. How long did it take to get your original order?
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    latinoguy1980 Member

    took about 3 weeks
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    Get Some

    Get Some Member

    There is already a huge thread about this....I think it was started about a month ago. Search fr scam on the search function and look for something in May or so.
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    XKawN Member

    sometimes you get split shipments. never used naps and i have no need to so i have no idea of their rep, but another source sent me split shipments for my t3.
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    sgtfury Junior Member

    i kinda thought there was not supposed to be any source talk on this forum :confused:

    the source you are referring to has a good reputation. my advice is go throught the popular a ticket.
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    hulkprotege Junior Member

    Do these guys ship to the US?
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    Mindgame516 Junior Member

    Its been a week with my order, and i know it def wont be here yet but now when i go to check on order on the site its says no orders. Is that how usually do it cause usally my order will stay posted until i recieve
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    Bro you guys fussing and whining about 1 week and still no gear need to learn about this game. On another note. I have used naps just to compare products and they suck. Plan and simple. I would honestly not reccomend them to anybody. This is a sincere and heartfelt statement. When bros are good i have no problem giving props!!!
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    Mindgame516 Junior Member

    If you Read my post i am no where led to belive i should have my package, what i am asking is why my order history has dissapeared
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    Himicane Junior Member

    I can say personally, I have made 3 orders at 2 orders made it to my door in exactly 2 weeks, and one order took almost 3 week to be delivered. Coincidentally, the 2 orders that came in two weeks were Geneza brand. The other order was Generic Supplement labs. I have used winstrol, dbol, test cyp from Geneza and they all works great. I built very lean and clean muscle mass every time I used them, and I have always seemed to keep on the weight permanently too. I think that is just the quality of Geneza's products. The other order from GSL, worked well but I will stick with Geneza from now on, its a little more expensive but I think it is worth it for sure. Overall my three experiences with has been very positive. I have read other reviews before I first decided to order from naps, and I was skeptical, but I went ahead and tried and I have been happy every sense. My only suggestion to you is when you order make sure that your address info is exactly correct. I think some of the reviews I read where people didn't receive their packages, they didn't have their addresses typed correctly. Anyways I hope this post is helpful to anyone who was skeptical about ordering from them.
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    Lil Matt

    Lil Matt Junior Member

    NOT A SCAM read below.

    Have ordered 2 orders a year for the past 4 years.

    Love this site here's why?

    My orders include only products of GP
    Test E
    Winstrol 50gm tabs

    All my other supplements are found at my local stores. I wait approximately 30-45 days depending on the season. They work incredibly hard and yes, mess up sometimes and I have not experienced that yet. I'm 6'6'' 305lbs and use only them due to trust, potency and all round they take care of me. I recommended them to family and friends who have also used them. THEY LOVE IT.

    Cheap prices, quality gear. don't be a bitch be a man use napsgear

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