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    I used the napsgear intermediate cutting stack (tren, Test) and I was impressed! I gained quality strength even though its for cutting and I did have a body fat loss of 3% (could have been better but I wasn't eating as clean as I should have been). The shipping was super fast. Overall for the price, shipping and quality gains I am very happy and look forward to ordering my next stack very soon!
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    Thank you for your valuable first post...
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    Seems legit! Say, kbrandont. How can i make an order? This seems like the best deal in the AAS world!
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    These never get old...

    Congrats!! Here's your coupon.


    You only get 5% discount bc your review sucked. Try hard next time for that 20%!!!

    Grade D+

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    Glad things worked out. Tell us more about your cycle.
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  9. Bout that time to leave meso again. There needs to be a post limit or something to ween out these chode strokers.
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