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    Just now getting back into lifting and I'm weighing around 256ish. I'm trying to hover around 215ish while looking pretty big before I start pinning. Was just wondering if I could get some meal advice from yall?

    4:30-Pump fuel preworkout and leave for the gym
    4:50ish-Start workout
    6:50ish-Start breakfast, 3-5 egg whites, 3 strips of turkey bacon and an apple
    7:00 eat breakfast
    10:00-Protein shake (25g protein, 120 cals, 3g carbs, 1g fats)
    1:00-4oz chicken breast, 1/2 cup of jasmati rice, and 10 broccoli florets
    4:00-Protein shake (25mg protein, 120cals, 3g carbs, 1g fats)
    7:00-4oz 93%lean 7% fat lean ground beef, 1 sweet potato, 4 pieces of asparagus
    9:30-10-Fall asleep

    If anyone could just let me know if what I'm eating is all good for now or if there's anything to adjust just let me know. Thanks!
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    You should try to get more sleep. Not enough sleep raises cortisol and makes it difficult to lose fat efficiently. Also, yoiu should try to get some more fat in your diet. Looks like you're barely getting 20 or 30, when you should at least be getting 60 to 75g imo. I'm not going to do the many calories are you getting?
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    I'd swap the protein shake with breakfast or use eaas/bcaas during your training to break your fast.
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    I wouldn’t lift on an empty stomach my man. You won’t get the most out of your workout, your muscles will deplete too soon. Fasted cardio yes, fasted lifting no. Get you some lean protein and carbs pre workout.
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  5. Even if you were already 215 I’d still think your starving yourself a bit in all aspects of your macros and look into upping fats, carbs, and protein a bit. I’d figure out roughly how many calories your burning a day vs tracking for a few days what your actually taking in. Use the scale and also the mirror ever couple weeks and make adjustments based off of that.

    Even just getting back into the swing of things your gonna have a good period of solid results almost as if starting fresh years ago. Take advantage of it. Also agree with @DrankSlangin i wouldnt train on an empty stomach either. If anything make a shake in the morning or something. It makes a hell of a difference in performance imo. Personally I’d add at least 30g of carbs to your shakes and roughly 60-80 to your post workout meal. If you do decide to eat pre workout I’d also add 50g to that. Can easily make a shake with couple scoops of whey, cup of dry oats, and some type of almond or Pb or even raw eggs to give you fuel. Then adjust the rest of your carbs accordingly the rest of the day. But I feel your two times ingesting the most carbs would be pre and most importantly post workout. I’m sure everyone has their own opinion on that.

    Shoot for at least 1g/lb of bw in protein so say roughly 215-230g/day
    Fats higher as well I’d say keep them <80g/day
    And figure out a good number of carbs that works for you based off sources that are easily digested with your body. At the least I’d start roughly around 300g per day and every couple weeks reevaluate based off of the mirror and scale.

    Don’t know what your training looks like either to coincide with this diet. You doing cardio at all or what’s those aspects look like?
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