Natty with HIGH SHBG

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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm 29 165lb about 13% bf.

    I've been battling this brain fog/ libido issue for the past year. It just randomly came on one day. I went to get blood work and found out my test levels were 800+ but my SHBG is like 63.6

    I've tried boron and I take vitamins. I'm about to hit 30 and contemplating jumping on TRT to lower my shbg and higher my free test. Would love some INSIGHT or ADVICE. I'm so drained and lost.

    I'll link my bloodwork below.

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    Do your own research of course...
    But Proviron is well known for lowering SHBG
    Some guys run that shitnyear round.
    Some guys guys get nasty suppresion, leading to shut down.
    Just a suggestion, something for you to look into
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    Your free test is 11pg/ml which is fine imo. It can vary more then your total test. Probably retest in 6 months to be sure.
    But you can probably bring it up a bit without TRT. How often you exercise?
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