Natural competitive BB needs help with first cycle!

Discussion in 'Steroid Forum' started by Meathead27, Jul 20, 2008.

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    Im currently 21 and ive been training since I was 13. Although I didnt exactly start out knowing what I do today I would like to say that ive been bodybuilding "seriously" for the past 4 years and ive been competing for the last two. Im a meso/endo mix(predominantly meso) and I have an incredible build for a natural guy. Im currently 5'7 187 pounds (204 last offseason, 170 comp weight) and Im currently around 10-11% bodyfat. I train 10 days on 1 day off. I train one bodypart per day and I do each bodypart twice in those 10 days. My diet is spot on. Cutting I manage 6 meals per day every 2-2.5 hours and bulking i manage 7 meals with at least a gallon of water. I have made great gains over the years but they are slowly tapering to a hault. Im at the point where I believe im ready for AAS. Ive done a fair share of research but im getting conflicting information(isnt that always the case?:rolleyes:) I was planning on starting out with deca durabolin 200mg/week for 4 weeks(i know that doseage seems low but im a noob). This was going to be followed by 4 weeks off. Then I was going to stack primobolan 200mg/week with oxandrolone(var)35gm/day for an addition 4 weeks followed by 4 weeks off. Does this sound like a good beginning protocol? Ive been hearing a lot of nay-saying about starting off with deca. If any experienced members could please chime in I would be MORE than greatful!
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    First off deca by itslef is a horrible idea, unless you're trying to shut yourself down permanently. Second, deca at 200mg a week for 4 weeks is pointless. What are you trying to accomplish?
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    Haha see this is exactly why Im glad I asked. I took the beginning cycle straight out of "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" written by L. Rea. He listed all the reasoning behind it but I was still skeptical.

    What would you suggest for a better alternative?
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    You should post this question on the general steroid forum and you will get a bunch of replies.

    No doubt you are ready yo use AAS if that is what you wish to do.

    I would keep it simple.

    500mg/week of test for 12 weeks followed by 10 days off then 6 weeks of pct

    You may want to have some adex for during cycle , 1/2 mg 2-3 times a week is fine

    Also if hair loss runs in you family you probably want to get on propecia about 2 months before the cycle and stay on it until your steroid days ( not just this cycle) are behind you.
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    Hey thanks for the response! I'll take your advice and post another thread in the other forum. I want to get as many opinions as possible. :D
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    Why 10 days off? Test will still be in the system?
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    I'm going to take a stab at this. Test is fully released 8-10 days after the inject then tapers down from there. So wouldn't you want to start pct around that time after the last inject?

    I have to warn you about propecia. I took it for a year straight then stopped. While on it, I had acne breakouts, not bad though. Loss of sex drive, orgasm wasn't as good, and rages. Mind you I was taking many other supps at the time. I don't think Propecia mixes well with other supps. I haven't experimented enough with this to prove it and don't intend to. About a month after stopping Propecia, my nipples itched like crazy! And yes, I started growing tits. I think I'm screwed now unless letrozole will fix it? I need to research this more, but seems like others had negative effects after Propecia as well. I'm looking in to Durasteride now, it sounds like a better option, but again, what are the effects while on it and after you stop?