Natural methods to keep prolactin low

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    Waiting for blood work. Have had pretty serious ED while running TRT or cycling. I had it beforehand as well but it was mainly psychological then. I am assuming my prolactin levels are too high gathering all the info I have thus far. My doc is going to see my blood tests, know I'm not natural (she kept looking at me and saying "are you sure youre natural youre very pumped up" and see my prolactin is too high. She then will demand I get off the juice and if I do perhaps she will prescribe me Dostinex or something to lower prolactin.

    I am not going off, but before I get my hands on some Dostinex are there any natural methods that lower prolactin well? I know Zinc but I tend to think most herbal supps are worthless.
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    You assume your prolactin is too high...

    Get a full blood panel dude. Manage your estrogen. Stop taking the gear that's screwing up your blood panel if you can't manage it.

    There's nothing natural you can take to lower prolactin if you're going to keep trying hormones that drive it up. IF that's even the problem.. you're basing it mostly off an assumption it sounds like and then lying to doctor that's trying to treat you.
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    I can deal without the attitude. I'm just looking to fix the issue. Most American docs I speak to just shut down when I mention being on juice. I've cycled t, Anavar, dbol and proviron. I've never touched Deca or tren. My body is hypersensitive to anything. I agree, I need the test results and had the blood drawn today.

    I have adex and nolva on hand. but I take it from a liquid bottle and I'm likely getting the dosages wrong. No swelled nipples or weird emotions, which I've had before along with poor sex drive which I associated with too much e. My face gets bloated without taking some a dex once a week. I understand I'm not doing this right, which is why I'm on this forum to try to get answers. I had ED before any T, but I only get erections these days in the early AM. But I am prescribed Trazadone for insomnia and this is likely causing the erection. Psychiatrist has no idea. Urologist ruled out prostate cancer and endocrinologist awaits my results.

    Odd point- When I had a bowel movement I will become partially erect. This isn't a weird kink, its a physical reaction. Could I just be not be getting enough fiber?
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    I am awaiting doc's discussion. I'll add that I can get mostly hard on my own lately, no viagra, no PT 141. That should suggest I;m not suffering from serious physiological damage.