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Discussion in 'Sports' started by CdnGuy, Nov 3, 2015.

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    4 games in and the usual suspects out front. Clip,Spurs, GS,Okc, Atl, Tor,Cavs, and Det... Clip, Tor, GS 4-0 . 85% of teams that start the season 4-0 make the post season. Go Raptors ! :D
    Edit- Lakers winless :p
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    SPURS! 6 rings for Duncan.
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    VC over the seven footer :D
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  4. Looking for the Cavs to take it all. I'm not a Cavs fan at all. Ironically enough, I didn't even like LBJ until he left the Cavs and became a Villan. Then I became a fan.
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    Lbj is great , just don't think he has the supporting cast like the other top teams.
  6. Hell, I don't know my dude, if healthy they're as good as the top teams. If they can all learn to play together and stop watching the LBJ show ...I think they can take it all.

    If Kyrie, Shumpert and Love were healthy last year we would have a different champion!

    They're pretty deep now, if they're all healthy.
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    I dont think anyone was beating Curry last year, healthy team or not.
  8. A healthy Kyrie would have made Curry work on defense. A healthy Love would've been hell and stretch the defense which opens lanes for LBJ and Krie to work. I'm telling you man... Would've been different.
    But that didn't happen and I'm not trying to take nothing away, injuries are apart of the game and GS won/earned the victory. Besides they have my fellow Spartan and resigned him so I'm happy. Yet, im pulling for the Cavs this year.

    Like MJ had to learn, it takes a team to bring it all home.
  9. I feel eternity is focusing on GS a little much this year.

    They are great don't get me wrong.

    But people are forgetting how great a lot of other players not named Steph are right now.

    Paul George is straight up dominating offensively and defensivly this season.

    Rajon Rondo is back to his old self albeit with the shit Kings..

    Andrew Wiggins is having a great sophomore season.

    Porzingis is looking like NYs saving grace.

    Deron Williams is back to being a decent PG not Utah Jazz good but better than what he was with the Nets.

    Westbrook is average monster numbers.

    The west looks incredibly weak this season.

    It's looking like a WCF of Spurs-GS

    East is still all Lebron..
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    2 words

    Kahwi Leonard
  11. He's a beast defensively.

    He's hiding a lot of Aldriges defensive woes.
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    Can someone explain why Kobe is still playing? :eek: he's destroying his legacy imo
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    Just Defensively? :eek:

    He leads the team in scoring at 21.8 and FG %. And he does stuff like this:

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    How ironic, did kobe read my post? :D Farewell kobe
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    The NBA has decided to give the NBA championship to the Golden state already!!!!! And named Steph Curry MVP. :p
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    Pssh. The future MVP Kahwi Leonard and the SAN ANTONIOOOOOOO SPURS aint havin that.
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    Im watching the Lakers and Spurs and for the first time i ever i feel kinda bad for Kobe. Its gotta be rough going out like this.

    This would be like me leaving the gym for the last time and struggling to bench 135
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    LAL & Philly are a disgrace to the league .I don't feel bad for kobe. Kinda fitting, the guy thinks there's an I in team :rolleyes:
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    He did grow up in Italy. I think the spell in Tiem :p
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    The Bucks ended the Warriors streak. Who wouldve thought that? I give an assist to Boston.