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Discussion in 'Men's Health Forum' started by DAVID, Feb 6, 2007.

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    DAVID Junior Member

    my doctor put me on nebido (long acting test undecanoate), it's work better for me, i feel more energy than test gel or androgel...more stronger at the gym too.
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    eeso Junior Member

    I've made a few threads on using test undecanoate before (nebido) but they've always been shot down.

    Where it goes wrong is that doctors try and do a one shot every 3month kind of thing, and I can see where the problems arise there.

    However, I think if u used a lower dose and shot once a week, or once a fortnight, u would achieve almost "perfect" stable test levels, and less DHT and E2 conversion as well.

    For those of u not familiar with Nebido, it is test undecanoate which is an extremely long estered testosterone...I think the half life is around 16 days or so. I did some calculations with it, and shooting once a week would give u perfectly stable levels....

    I remember pmgamer isn't a fan from what some other people on another forum reported about Nebido, but I wonder if they were doing weekly shots and not once every few months...

    According to the calculations, u could even go longer than a week without shooting and keep relatively stable levels...I'm sure u guys can do the maths yourselves or go to and to it.

    Nebido is sold under a different name in Australia and probably a few other countries, for those of u who are going to do some research on it...

    Please keep us updated on your nebido experience david!
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    JustOne Junior Member

    I would try 200mg every 2 weeks, people who complained were using like 1000mg every few months.
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    DAVID Junior Member

    I'm not sure that nebido have a second life of 16 days, because this is my 25 day of this stuff and I feel great... Not so much estradiol or dht. May be every three month is to far but I try 1000 mg every six week. Sorry I feel better than test gel... more energy and power in the gym. May be marianco have some answer about that ?
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    Vforcer2 Junior Member

    Is nebido available in the US now?
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    pmgamer18 Member

    No and from what I hear in the UK it's not doing good a lot of men tried it and went back to tesogel.
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    DAVID Junior Member

    Pmgamer, you need to try before you did that. I take HRT since 10 year's and the last 3 year's I take gel. Gel is not so bad because I feel well, but when I change with nebido I see a big difference : more energy, more production of brain dopamine, and well being
    I think that I have better penetration of testosterone in my nervous system than gel, I don't know why.
    I have no more estradiol than gel, less DHT. My physician give me before enanthate but I feel bloated, mood swing...
    My preference is nebido> testo gel> test cypionate
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    eeso Junior Member

    David, please continue to post reports on how your nebido treatment goes over the next 6weeks+

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    DAVID Junior Member

    OK , iI do a blood test too about total, free testo, estradiol and SHBG, what the best time after nebido : 4 or 6 weeks ?
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    DAVID Junior Member

    Aging Male. 2006 Dec;9(4):221-7.Click here to read Links
    Clinical experience with the new long-acting injectable testosterone undecanoate. Report on the educational symposium on the occasion of the 5th World Congress on the Aging Male, 9-12 February 2006, Salzburg, Austria.

    * Morales A,
    * Nieschlag E,
    * Schubert M,
    * Yassin AA,
    * Zitzmann M,
    * Oettel M.

    Centre for Urological Research, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada.

    This symposium report summarizes first extensive clinical findings with injectable testosterone undecanoate (Nebido) in hypogonadal patients showing clinical symptoms of androgen deficiency with or without erectile dysfunction (ED). This new testosterone formulation (1000 mg testosterone undecanoate in 4 ml castor oil) possesses nearly ideal long-term kinetics, i.e. sustained close mimicking of eugonadal testosterone serum levels without supra- or sub-physiological serum concentrations. The generally accepted administration scheme recommends the second injection 6 weeks after the first one followed by further injections every 12 weeks. Applying this regimen, administration intervals are drastically reduced in comparison to conventional i.m. testosterone preparations (e.g. about 16 injections of testosterone enanthate vs. 4-5 injections of testosterone undecanoate per year). Depending on the testosterone serum levels, individualized therapy is possible by shortening (every 10 weeks) or prolonging (every 14 weeks) the injection intervals. In hypogonadal patients with ED 58% respond to testosterone undecanoate alone. Best results are seen in diabetic hypogonadal patients. The regimen of injectable testosterone undecanoate administration ideally fits recommendations regarding pharmacokinetics, efficacy and safety monitoring.
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    DAVID Junior Member

    LOADING DOSE / An initial loading dose of either 3 x 1000 mg TU every 6 wk at the beginning of hormone substitution or 2 x 1000 mg TU every 8 wk after switching from the short-acting TE to TU were found to be a adequate dosing regimens for starting of treatment with the long-acting TU preparation.

    J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2004 Nov;89(11):5429-34.Click here to read Links
    Intramuscular testosterone undecanoate: pharmacokinetic aspects of a novel testosterone formulation during long-term treatment of men with hypogonadism.

    * Schubert M,
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    * Rouskova D,
    * Christoph A,
    * Oettel M,
    * Ernst M,
    * Mellinger U,
    * Krone W,
    * Jockenhovel F.

    Klinik II und Poliklinik fur Innere Medizin der Universitat zu Koln, Germany.

    In an open-label, randomized, prospective trial, we investigated pharmacokinetics and several efficacy and safety parameters of a novel, long-acting testosterone (T) undecanoate (TU) formulation in 40 hypogonadal men (serum testosterone concentrations < 5 nmol/liter). For the first 30 wk (comparative study), the patients were randomly assigned to receive either 10 x 250 mg T enanthate (TE) im every 3 wk (n = 20) or 3 x 1000 mg TU im every 6 wk (loading dose) followed by 1 x 1000 mg after an additional 9 wk (n = 20). In a follow-up study, observation continued in those patients who completed the comparative part and opted for TU treatment (8 x 1000 mg TU every 12 wk in former TU patients and 2 x 1000 mg TU every 8 wk plus 6 x 1000 mg every 12 wk in former TE patients) for an additional 20-21 months. Here we report only the pharmacokinetic aspects of the new TU formulation for the first approximately 2.5 yr of treatment. At baseline, serum T concentrations did not significantly differ between the two study groups. In the TE group, mean trough levels of serum T were always less than 10 nmol/liter before the next injection, whereas in the TU group, mean trough levels of serum T were 14.1 +/- 4.5 nmol/liter after the first two doses (6-wk intervals) and 16.3 +/- 5.7 nmol/liter after the 9-wk interval at wk 30. The mean serum levels of dihydrotestosterone and estradiol also increased in parallel to the serum T pattern and remained within the normal range. In the follow-up study, the former TU patients (n = 20) received eight TU injections at 12-wk intervals, and the TE patients (n = 16) switched to TU and initially received two TU injections at 8-wk intervals (loading) and continued with six TU injections at 12-wk intervals (maintenance). This regimen resulted in stable mean serum trough levels of T (ranging from 14.9 +/- 5.2 to 16.5 +/- 8.0 nmol/liter) and estradiol (ranging from 98.5 +/- 45.2 to 80.4 +/- 14.4 pmol/liter). The present study has shown that 1000 mg TU injected into male patients with hypogonadism at 12-wk intervals is well tolerated and leads to T levels within normal ranges, using four instead of 17 or more TE injections per year.

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