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  1. ickyrica

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    Pretty easy topic.

    What I want to know is who can grow them? Do they annoy the ever loving fuck out of you? Not annoy you? Have you deadlocked it?

    I haven't shaved in 5 full weeks. I'm fucking fuzzy. I look like a microphone. I have a small afro and a similar sized beard. My neck is also fuzzy. Just as fuzzy as the rest of my afrocentric ass. I am usually so fucking annoyed with it by this point and right now I'm not giving a fuck either way. My general sensibilities say clean it up and get respectable, but eeehhhhhhh.....

    So yeah, pretty good neck beard right now and it's not giving me any issue. Rock on.

    Smoke enough pot and this is where you end up....
  2. Based on the title, I thought this thread was going to be about adult men who enjoy debating atheism on the internet and watching anime.

    Needless to say I'm disappointed.

    Anyway, embracing neck hair is a slippery slope. Sure, I have a beard thick enough that would scare almost anyone on an airplane, but cleaning the neck is a must here.

    I get it, it's hard to resist the urge sometimes to just go full-mongoloid with bodily maintenance, but the world isn't ready...maybe 2020?
  3. Demondosage

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    I think they look like shit. It's a lazy look and most guys rocking big beards are fat nowadays.

    Now a nicely trimmed beard looks good, think Leunidas from the movie 300
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  4. Btcowboy

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    Haha smoking no pot and I haven't shaved since the last week of May lol. Dont give a fuck either right now
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  5. Demondosage

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    Seriously, every time I see a dude with a giant beard lately it's some fat fuck trying to wear skinny fitting shit, with this puffy soy boy baby face.

    Not for me, I would rather have my face looking chiseled and a strong looking jawline. Jawline is awesome, it just screams hard work to ppl.
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  6. ickyrica

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    are you American Dad?
  7. Perrin Aybara

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    Same. Nice clickbait, @ickyrica now go shave, lol.
  8. ickyrica

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    I will tomorrow. I'll send you a pic. Wicked fucking fuzzy.

    I read a bunch of neckbeards planned on storming area 51. I'd love to see the couch potatoes try and make the journey, even without government intervention
  9. aaa.jpg
  10. ickyrica

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    Hahaha. It's funny cuz it's true. They wouldn't last a 1/4 mile.
  11. Perrin Aybara

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    The only thing they're storming is Gamestop on Black Friday and that's if their moms give them rides and they remember their inhalers.
  12. Hey guys, just got back from my vasectomy and my wife's boyfriend bought me a Nintendo switch!

  13. Freakmidd

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    I personally am not big on the clean shave.. always have some facial hair, ussually a trimmed beard but I can't stand the feeling of neck hair, it irritates the hell out of me so I tend to shave it every couple of days.
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  14. ickyrica

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    Lol, I'm breaking the neckbeard mold. Shave it all but the neck...

    Here is a current selfie. Told you guys I had a fro
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  16. Perrin Aybara

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    That's a bitchin' neckbeard.
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  17. The missing link is no longer missing. All hail the sasquatch with the fucking ginger neck beard. This is a giant step for the study of human evolution.
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  18. ickyrica

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    I was thinking bash it in the head with a hatchet and exploit the carcass in all its glory. I claim the skin. Hair is still up for grabs
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  19. ickyrica

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    Buzzed my head and trimmed the face. Suns out in full force tomorrow. Can't risk a crazy uneven sunburn!

    May be the most legit I have ever seen. Its like he has a ferret for a chin strap.
  20. LeoTC

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    I'll go back and forth between letting the beard come all the way in and actually doing something with it.

    Last couple months I've been wearing a Green Arrow type close cropped 'stache and longer goat with hard chops.

    I suppose I actually drift back to something similar most of the time actually.

    I clean it up, trim, and edge everything out every other day mostly. Can't stand feeling scratchy / scruffy.