need a new safe email

Discussion in 'Security, Privacy & Anonymity' started by redrum720, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. redrum720

    redrum720 Member Supporter

    Hey meso just wanted to get feed back on a better safer email safe-mail is not responsive so i would like another one thx
  2. johnnyBALLZ

    johnnyBALLZ Member

    Look into ShazzleMail..
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  3. pumpingiron22

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  4. ^^^^^
  5. redrum720

    redrum720 Member Supporter

    Thanks for your help bros
  6. greenddog1

    greenddog1 Member

    anyone had experience with or seen any reviews?
  7. mikestrong

    mikestrong Member

    Hey Greenddog.
    I have an seems OK, they where critiqued, cause the owner had the office listed in the US, but he stated it was a shill addy.

    The jury is still out I believe.
  8. naturalkon

    naturalkon Member

    I'm thinking about getting countermail. My safe mail isn't working for shit. People don't get my emails and I don't recieve them either. At least that's what the source is saying what's happening. I don't know.
  9. pumpingiron22

    pumpingiron22 Member Supporter

    Counter mail is a great option to purchase with bit coin. Also encryption. Servers are hosted out of country. So its the best option at this moment until proton mail and dark mail are available for the masses. Down side of countermail is you need JavaScript and can not use it on tor. So you will need a diffrent vpn like cyber ghost. Hope that helps.
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  10. gsxr1guy

    gsxr1guy Junior Member

    Haven't had a issue with safe mail. If i do countermail looks like the way to go
  11. I have a paid accnt with Safemail and have never experienced one single glitch with it. Perhaps that may have something to do with the service, but no issues to report.