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    Hey guys i work out of town mon to fri every sunday its the same i go to the grocery store and buy a few things then i pre make my suppers for the week. I do this instead of eating fast food also it saves me money. My problem is im getting sick of eating dry ass chicken all week. Im wondering if anyone here has any ideas on what i can make for supper high protein low fat etc.... Thanks for the input
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    This is the downfall with working out, staying healthy....seems like you gotta eat the same stuff every day
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    Get an instantpot for chicken. It's a pressure cooker and it stays moist.
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    ACFB185F-4F65-4E84-ABDF-BD373F77C79E.jpeg Mmm, supper
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    X2 on the instapot. Use it as a slow cooker during day while you're at work, dinner is ready when you get back.

    Don't limit yourself to just chicken breasts either... Beef beef beef.
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    Learn how to cook man that's all
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    Good points thanks
    Its on the to do list
  9. If you have a slow cooker one of my favorites is getting some tri tip and throwing that in the morning along side chop up some onions, peppers, garlic, and I season it with a maple brown sugar rub and add in just a bit of chipotle seasoning. Cook it on low for about 6 hours give or take maybe more I don’t always pay attention but when it’s done it’s like butter. Can make sandiwches with it, put it over rice, or mix it in with some potatoes. Just my .02
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    I rotate between chicken, tri-tip and talapia.
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    I dont know or why you guys eat tilapia. Yuck
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    I too work out of town for 10 days. I just got used to eating the same thing all the time. I do mix it up some. Bulking its steak all the time maybe ground beef from time to time. Cutting it is usually ground Turkey with chicken breast or fish from time to time.
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    That sounds good....whats tri tip?
  15. J DUGIN

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    It’s a cut of beef. Originated on the west coast US specifically with Santa Maria Style BBQ.
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    Tired of chicken breast. Been eating boneless, skinless chicken thighs for awhile now. So much better flavor.
    Won’t do stinky bottom feeder tilapia fish. Salmon only.
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  17. Beef. But you can always go with any type of beef for the dish. Works well with chicken also.
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    Turkey breasts and vegan protein shake,