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    Smith barbell vs barbell.

    I started barbell again today, used a smith machine

    I miss this a lot but I need to use smith I want to not break my arm again are both equally as efficient
  2. Humerus Fracture during Bench Press is not an easily repeatable training injury, it's a freak accident that happened because you torqued your arm during the eccentric (either due to injured or unstable junctions / joints).

    It's probably not going to happen again.

    My advice, do whatever you want, but don't avoid one out of fear of getting the same injury again.

    I broke mine and had it fixed surgically in 2016 and I was back in the gym benching and front squatting 5 weeks later and I am VERY conservative with all aspects of BB (except training hard).

    I broke mine during weighted dips. Do I still do weighted dips to this day?

    Fuck yes I do.

    The only exercise I can't do? Seated DB Overhead Tricep Extensions, but this is a mobility issue and not so much an injury issue (although the injury probably caused the restriction). I use ropes instead, no big deal.
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    Thank u very much for this reply, I just get worried because I can still feel it right where I had surgery.

    Makes it feel like the screws are gonna fall out
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  4. Anxiety.

    I had that the first month after surgery, thought every time I felt anything move, it was going to explode that night in the gym.

    I strongly suspect that the fear and trauma and extreme pain surrounding that injury is what lead to the panic disorder I have to this day, I always was anxious but never to this extent. Been a problem ever since.

    Life's a bitch sometimes, but IDGAF ツ
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    Love ur last part of this, but no like I used to be able to push my hands together a few days after a workout and I could feel it physically on the arm
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    From what I understand but don't quote me is a Smith machine is a fixed range of motion not allowing for a natural press such as using stabilizer muscles and engaging secondary muscles etc. I could be wrong. Plus it isn't a natural. Motion the body would follow. Then again I could be talking out my ass what do I know
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  7. That sounds more like tendinitis of some kind, have you had any X-rays after surgery? Was your surgeon happy with his work? Trust me when I say you should almost never be able to feel this kind of hardware assuming it was a dynamic compression plate.
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    Tendon or some shit is messed up I can feel it down my arm into my thumb,

    But what worries me is I started doing push ups before it fully healed (10th push up felt like it was gonna break)
  9. Yeah I did the same thing - tried pushups before it healed. Felt that same way - 99% sure that was in my head though, but the fucking thing was just sliced open with a plate screwed on, it’s gonna make weird noises and feelings for a little bit.

    I have had 0 issues with my plate, not a single one, and I’ve had some absolutely disgusting training sessions over the years.
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    Fuck I’ll just hope for the best
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    Does it start at the elbow or the shoulder tendon thing
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    Shoulder dull ache, numbness on forum to hand with pins in needles
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    Bicep tendon is a possibility if it was in the elbow triceps would be a guess. Pins and needles might be ur neck I would try an adjustment if it does not get better I would see a doc usually signs of a vertebrate also look at how you lift are you squeezing your romboids keep shoulders down and back or pulling with your neck if you feel a lot of tension in the neck on pulls try to relax and focus squeezing your romboids drop weight if need be to make sure they are activating. Lacrosse ball works great. I am no doctor I did just have shoulder surgery little over a year ago and this was a big focus of my rehab. Also have had both shoulders done. I got no money with a band works great again it's just a guess I'm only a doc on tv
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    I appreciate this post man I’ll try some stretching, and such, the pins and needles isn’t super worry some it feels more like the screws aren’t done the best in the arm and too much force will snap it again
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    I actually prefer the smith machine for incline bench. You can bench to your neck without worrying about dying.
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